AI Clearing Announces AI Surveyor Platform Edition Purpose Built for Large Solar Infrastructure Projects

  • Solar is one of the fastest-growing construction infrastructure segments and could supply more than 40% of the nation’s electricity by 2035
  • Unique platform uses well-trained AI models to recognize key objects installed during solar farm construction and deliver reports within less than 24 hours
  • AI Clearing is currently involved with solar projects of a combined generating capacity of 1.3Gw with sizes ranging from 70-500 Mw

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Solar energy will likely see record growth over the next decade as the Biden Administration aims for all U.S. power to come from non-carbon-emitting sources by 2035.

Although seemingly easy to build, utility scale solar farm development presents several unique challenges. The sheer volume of objects installed on large solar farms can render manual oversight impossible. Some developments may have more than a million panels and several hundreds of thousands of piles to install over 16 square miles, making it nearly impossible for anyone to identify problems and stay on schedule through traditional surveying methods. AI Clearing, a market leader in automated analytics for large-scale construction and infrastructure projects, gives developers and contractors the information needed to avoid delays and remain on budget.

Business Intelligence Reporting & AI-Powered Predictive Analytics for Solar Projects

AI Clearing’s AI Surveyor™ platform provides business intelligence reports every 24 hours, based on AI-powered predictive analytics. By bringing together multiple data sources — including GIS, drone data, and design information — stakeholders get a daily update on their progress, productivity and adherence to design. Completing the construction of solar farms timely is critical because often the energy generated is already sold, meaning any delays in handover can incur significant financial penalties both for the developer and general contractor.

“The solar market is booming right now. Every day, we hear from general contractors and developers looking to use our solution during the construction of utility-scale solar farms,” said AI Clearing CTO and co-founder Adam Wisniewski. “Our AI model is trained on data from across the globe, so whether it is the desert of Abu Dhabi or snow in Canada, it can track progress across your KPI’s with an accuracy of 99.98%.”

AI Clearing is currently involved with solar projects of a combined capacity of 1.3Gw with sizes ranging from 70-500 Mw. Its solution has delivered over 300 progress reports, tracked the completion status of over 2 million panels and identified more than 3,000 discrepancies. AI Surveyor uses well-trained models to recognize the key objects, like piles, racks and modules, installed during solar farm construction. Where other companies count objects manually, AI Clearing delivers a fully-automated experience that reduces surveying time and potential errors.

“Solar construction is becoming increasingly important in North America as we pursue cleaner sources of energy,” said Alex Ramirez, Senior Manager Business Technology at PCL. “While production tracking is important for any project, solar construction requires much closer attention to production rates. AI Clearing has proven to be a great partner in this space. They continuously improve their platform to maximize the value of visually displaying production data.”

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