Anthropocene Institute Advances Solid-State Fusion Energy at ICCF-25

SZCZECIN, Poland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#LENR–Anthropocene Institute:


Anthropocene Institute is sponsoring and participating in ICCF-25, the conference that increases cross-disciplinary discussion and exploration in the field of solid-state fusion (SSF), also known as low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) or cold fusion. ICCF-25 is a great opportunity to enhance international collaboration in solid-state fusion research by presenting new scientific results, industrial developments, and applications that are needed to make this form of clean energy an everyday reality. Representatives from Anthropocene Institute will speak on behalf of the organization’s programs and discuss ways to grow the SSF ecosystem.


Anthropocene Institute awards select exploration grants as part of its efforts to advance SSF. These grants are intended to expand the SSF community. Researchers in adjacent scientific fields are also encouraged to apply. For more information, go to


August 27-31, 2023


Szczecin, Poland, Radisson Blu Hotel, First Floor, Conference Foyer


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Nuclear fusion has garnered intense interest and investment of late as people race to find clean, sustainable forms of energy to combat climate change. A subset of the fusion field, solid-state fusion energy has been observed for decades by independent researchers worldwide. Sometimes known as cold fusion, or low energy nuclear reactions, observations suggest energy production on the scale of nuclear reactions but produced from within chemical systems without extreme temperatures or pressures. ICCF-25 is curated to accelerate the emerging solid-state energy field into a new era of fundamental research and development. The conference convenes dozens of speakers from the US, EU, and Asia. The agenda will highlight research abstracts chosen from more than 80 submissions, panels, and roundtable discussions.

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