BioConsortia and Mosaic Expand Collaboration to Microbial Biostimulant

Field trials consistently demonstrate a 15% yield improvement in fruits and vegetables

DAVIS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioConsortia, Inc. and The Mosaic Company (NYSE: MOS) have entered into a new agreement to distribute BioConsortia’s new microbial biostimulant in Asia.

The new biostimulant BEC69 is branded as ZAFFRE™ in North America, and is expected to provide growers with significant value by optimizing root conditions to help the plant use available nutrients in the soil. It is based on naturally occurring, beneficial bacteria that colonize the roots of plants, stimulate growth, and increase crop yields.

ZAFFRE has demonstrated a high level of consistency in field trials in the United States on a wide range of crops, both as a drench and as a seed treatment. Key fruit and vegetable crops such as tomatoes and beans have repeatedly demonstrated yield increases averaging 15% over multiple seasons of study. The biostimulant has also repeatedly shown positive impacts on germination of high value vegetable seeds in both stressed and optimal conditions. ZAFFRE can be used alongside BioConsortia’s nitrogen fixing microbial products.

Kim Nicholson, Mosaic Vice President of AgTech and Innovation, Strategy and Growth, stated, “Effective biostimulants are a powerful tool in our strategy to provide growers with plant nutrient products that help them increase their yields and profits, while caring for their soils and the environment. We are excited to see the potential of BEC69 in China and other Asian markets where our local sales and marketing teams are developing a strong business.”

Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO, BioConsortia added, “Mosaic has proven to be a strong partner, and is growing and innovating in the areas of plant nutrition and soil health. We are proud that Mosaic will be introducing this product to their customers in Asia, as ZAFFRE has already demonstrated high consistency and potency in the USA.”

This is the latest product developed through BioConsortia’s pioneering platform that identifies and optimizes microbes that are exceptional partners to plants. Dr. Hong Zhu, Senior VP of Research and Development at BioConsortia, said, “The company’s patented processes result in high performance products for substantially larger and healthier crops with optimized yields and a significantly improved environmental profile.”

This is the third agreement between BioConsortia and Mosaic and expands on recent announcements that Mosaic will develop and commercialize BioConsortia’s nitrogen fixing microbial products for row crops in the Americas and for all crops in major Asian countries. Nitrogen fixing microbes provide crops with necessary ammonia for growth and reduces the amount of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer needed to maximize yields.

About BioConsortia

BioConsortia, Inc. develops superior microbial products that protect plants, enhance fertility, and increase yields while improving the sustainability of agriculture for our environment. Pioneering the use of directed selection within microbial communities, our patented Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process and cutting-edge genetics capabilities enable us to predict, design, and unleash the natural power of microbes. BioConsortia’s microbial products deliver superior efficacy, higher consistency, and easier grower adoption.

Our rich pipeline includes nitrogen fixation microbes to replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizers; nutrient use efficiency and biostimulants to increase crop yields; bionematicides & biofungicides to protect crops from pests and diseases; and products for post-harvest pathogen control to safeguard food waste in the distribution chain, retail store and home. BioConsortia is producing breakthrough solutions for growers in major agricultural markets with multiple environmental benefits.

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With the global population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, food security is an ever-growing challenge that The Mosaic Company will help meet. Our 13,000 women and men in 9 operating countries produce and deliver millions of tonnes of responsibly produced phosphate and potash fertilizers from mine to market – nutrients that are vital to feed crops which feed people everywhere – and serve farmers in 40 countries by helping them increase crop yields and improve nutrition for people and animals. We pursue our mission to help the world grow the food it needs responsibly and sustainably: We are committed to being good stewards of the environment by reducing our water use and greenhouse gas emissions, good neighbors through strong partnerships with our host communities, and by being a more diverse and inclusive company where every person feels valued and appreciated.