C-Kore completes umbilical monitoring campaign with Vår Energi in Norway

C-Kore Systems successfully completed an umbilical monitoring campaign for Vår Energi on their Balder Future project in Norway. The C-Kore Cable Monitor units were used to test the insulation resistance and continuity of the umbilical electrical lines during installation. With their automated test routine, the C-Kore units quickly and repeatedly tested and data-logged measurements of cable integrity, reducing the testing time required.

C-Kore Systems has a range of subsea testing tools used globally by operators and contractors on both fault-finding operations and new installation campaigns. The tools are easy to deploy and are operated without the need for C-Kore personnel being present, providing rapid and accurate feedback. This combination of simplicity, accuracy and reliability introduces significant operational savings to testing campaigns.

Bart Maas, Commissioning Engineer for Vår Energi commented, “Balder Future is an important project located in a key growth area in the North Sea. It will extend expected production of oil and gas beyond 2045 and is an example of our long-term commitment in the area. We are very happy how the units worked on our installation campaigns. The units enable verification prior to, during and after installation and enable future verification / comparison of results in a robust and effective manner. They are very easy to use and give the results we needed quickly.”

Cynthia Pikaar, Sales & Marketing Manager of C-Kore commented further, “It is nice to be working on this project in Norway with Vår Energi. With an increasing number of orders for umbilical monitoring during installation campaigns, operators understand the value our testing tools offer, automating and datalogging the results. The units are so simple to use so no extra personnel are needed offshore, an added benefit during the current covid pandemic. We look forward to working with Vår Energi again on their next installation campaign.”

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