C-Kore expands its horizons

Over recent months the UK based company, C-Kore Systems Ltd, has been delighted to add Angola, China, Canada, and Israel to the list of countries where their tools have been successfully deployed. Customers in more than 20 countries are now benefiting from the robust performance of the devices which were developed to help oil & gas operators and contractors reduce expensive subsea intervention time.

The most recent deployments have involved both C-Kore’s Cable Monitor tool, which tests the insulation and continuity integrity of subsea circuits, and their Subsea Time Domain Reflectometer, which can pin-point the location along the cable where the fault has occurred.

Building on a well-established position in their domestic market as the leader in subsea cable test equipment, C-Kore has seen its export markets flourish in recent years and the company won their second Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2021, this time in the international trade category.

The compact size and versatility of the C-Kore tools make them readily transportable. At a time of a global pandemic and severely restricted international travel, the simplicity of operation has made the tools an obvious choice for time-critical interventions in all corners of the world. The comprehensive training provided by C-Kore prior to the subsea mission, together with the intuitive user interface, has enabled customers in all countries to use the tools efficiently and successfully without mobilising specialist personnel from the UK.

This has resulted in both a significant cost saving for the customer and a reduction in carbon footprint.

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