C-Kore subsea testing tools highly effective in Australia

C-Kore Systems successfully executed an electrical fault-finding campaign on a subsea field offshore Australia. Both the C-Kore Cable Monitor units (IR) and Subsea TDR units were used to test the subsea electrical control system and identify the precise location of insulation resistance faults. The ease of deployment from the ROV, equipment reliability, and the quick and accurate results provided by the C-Kore units allowed the operator to efficiently locate line faults and initiate repairs, ensuring the campaign was a great success.

C-Kore Systems has a range of subsea testing tools used globally by operators and contractors on both fault-finding operations and new installation campaigns. The tools are easy to deploy, do not require ROV interface modifications, are operated without the need of C-Kore personnel to be present, and provide quick and accurate feedback. This combination of simplicity, accuracy and reliability introduces significant operational savings to testing campaigns.

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