Catalyze and Microgrid Labs (MGL) to deploy turnkey fleet electrification tools and services across North America

Catalyze, a leading clean energy transition company that builds, owns and operates solar, battery storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging systems for commercial and industrial customers, announced today a minority investment in and strategic relationship with Microgrid Labs (MGL), a software and consulting company that helps enable commercial fleet electrification and microgrids. As part of the relationship, the two companies will combine their offerings in order to provide comprehensive fleet electrification services to companies and municipalities across the U.S. With this strategic relationship, Catalyze and MGL will collaborate to work with fleet owners throughout the life cycle of the electrification process from detailed planning to implementation, financing, and operations.

“EV adoption is a significant opportunity for cities, school districts and businesses to reach their sustainability goals and reduce transportation costs. When combined with our integrated, turnkey offerings, Microgrid Labs’ advanced software and expertise in EV charging infrastructure makes it easier for commercial and industrial fleets to electrify and realize immediate benefits,” said Catalyze CEO, Steve Luker. “We look forward to partnering with MGL to remove the costs, risks, and challenges that have previously stood in the way of widespread EV adoption.”

Catalyze and MGL will provide a turnkey solution that includes planning, development, and installation of integrated fleet electrification solutions, as well as the associated vehicles, chargers and renewable power generation and storage infrastructure for commercial, industrial and municipal customers across the U.S. This consolidated and streamlined offering manages the complexities of EV loads, routes, temperatures and electricity costs, as well as the financial, technical and regulatory hurdles associated with procuring and managing the necessary renewable energy assets, in order to provide a complete fleet-as-a-service offering.

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