CEMEX team up with Bp on net zero emissions

bp and CEMEX announced today that they will work together on accelerating the ‎progress of CEMEX’s 2050 ambition to deliver net zero CO2 concrete globally.

The two companies have agreed to a memorandum of understanding to develop ‎solutions to decarbonize the cement production process and transportation. These ‎potential solutions may include low carbon power, low carbon transport, energy ‎efficiency, natural carbon offsets, and carbon capture, utilisation and storage ‎technologies. Additionally, they intend to work together to develop urbanization solutions ‎envisioned to decarbonize cities.‎

‎“Concrete plays an integral role in society, and there are no substitutes for its key ‎attributes, strength, and resilience. We believe it will continue to have a critical role in a ‎low carbon economy, and the challenge for the industry is to find solutions to the ‎manufacturing process emissions,” said Juan Romero, executive vice president ‎sustainability, commercial, and operations development of CEMEX. “This initiative with ‎bp is another example of the work we are doing with partners across industries, ‎academia, and start-ups to tap into the latest innovation and disruptive technology to ‎achieve our ambition of delivering net zero CO2 concrete globally to all of our ‎customers.”‎

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