Citroën redefines its model range

Citroën unveils a significant redefinition of the construction of its vehicle range, with three trim levels per model, each offering a maximum of five option packs per trim level. Everything is now centred around three trim levels, called YOU, PLUS and MAX, replacing the existing Live, Feel, Feel Pack, Shine and Shine Pack versions.

This overhaul, which comes into effect on the 1st September is in response to expectations from customers and the sales network to make the offers clearer and more legible. By providing a better understanding of the range upgrades and the various options available, Citroën makes the customer purchasing process easier and enhances the clients’ trust. By offering appropriate trim levels and well-defined option packages, the Brand provides solutions tailored to their needs and lifestyles.

This desire for simplification, based on a narrowed range, will also encourage competitive prices and improved delivery times thanks to the reduction in diversity, which generates greater complexity. This approach is fully in line with new consumer habits, particularly with the rise of a more compact digital world and Citroën’s desire to move towards a fairer and more balanced pricing policy across all regions. On this occasion, the Brand launches a “fair price” policy pilot programme in Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, UK and Germany, with a net price for the whole of the market concerned, in order to achieve greater pricing clarity and ensure that the price paid is the same regardless of the distribution channel.

Citroën C3 Aircross


The five existing versions – Live, Feel, Feel Pack, Shine and Shine Pack – are now YOU, PLUS and MAX. This redefinition has resulted in a more concise range, making it easier for customers to understand the various range upgrades and options available, without impoverishing the content proposed.

The offers are designed to meet customers’ needs, with trim levels adapted to their preferences and lifestyles. The range is refocused on its core market, offering the right level of equipment for each price level.

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