Cleantech Leader Digital Lumens, Inc. Charts Major Energy Reductions

New dashboard highlights energy reductions and savings created by its Advanced LED lighting and lighting controls — totaling hundreds of millions of kilowatt-hours, millions of dollars, and more every day.

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digital Lumens, Inc. is taking a very public step to show how its solutions reduce environmental impact by launching the Global SiteWorx® Savings Dashboard, which provides a real-time look at energy savings generated at customer facilities worldwide.

As of June 5, 2022 (UN World Environment Day), these savings included 358,136,946 kWh of electricity and $45,483,392 USD, which translates into 253,804 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved, 851.7 metric tons of N2O emissions saved, and 587,611 barrels of oil not consumed.

“Many companies claim that they’re helping the environment,” said Brian Bernstein, CEO of Digital Lumens, Inc. “But we’re putting our metrics out where everyone can see them, offering powerful proof of the progress that our customers are making, thanks to our solutions.”

Expanding its solution portfolio to make facilities more sustainable

Bernstein points out that the dashboard only covers the impact of lighting and lighting controls. “At Digital Lumens, we started by focusing on reducing energy use with our intelligent lighting solutions,” he recalled. “In subsequent years, we’ve continued to expand our portfolio of SiteWorx Facility Insights solutions well beyond lighting, demonstrating our deep commitment to cleantech innovation — and helping our customers consume less energy, cut carbon, conserve resources, and hit their CO2 reduction targets. So the total savings are significantly higher.”

This pioneering work earned Digital Lumens seven years on Cleantech Group’s prestigious Global Cleantech 100 list and induction into the Hall of Fame in 2017.

Reducing environmental impact in key market sectors

Digital Lumens, Inc. also includes the Encelium brand, which focuses on reducing energy use by controlling and managing light in healthcare facilities, office buildings, educational institutions, and commercial properties.

For more than two decades, Encelium has been helping its customers make lighting — a major source of energy use — more efficient, reducing energy use dramatically. Encelium X, Encelium’s robust light management solution, helps reduce energy use with advanced, easy-to-use lighting controls.

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