Climate Pledge Commitments

Amazon and Global Optimism announced that more than 100 companies have now signed the Climate Pledge . Among the 52 new signatories joining the Climate Commitment today are well-known brands such as Alaska Airlines, Colgate-Palmolive, HEINEKEN, PepsiCo, Telefónica and Visa. In total, signatories to this pledge generate more than $ 1.4 trillion in annual global sales and employ more than 5 million people in 25 industries, across 16 countries, demonstrating the collective impact that the Climate Commitment may have in the fight against climate change.

All signatories are taking high-impact, science-based measures to fight climate change, innovating in supply chain efficiency, sustainable transport, circular economy, clean energy solutions, etc.

Many organizations are also meaningfully engaging their customers in their journey to carbon neutrality, with initiatives focused on innovative packaging and the design and development of sustainable products, while providing solutions that enable customers to reduce their own emissions. , through educational campaigns and sustainable shopping experiences.

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