Colton, CA Selects SET Smart Water Solution

Smart Earth Technologies to Implement LTE/5G-based Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solution

CARLSBAD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AdvancedMeteringInfastructure–Smart Earth Technologies (SET) and the City of Colton, CA jointly announced the selection of the SET cellular AMI solution as the choice for the City’s largescale mass deployment of their water metering infrastructure. Due to SET’s unique ability to integrate with multiple meter brands and leverage pre-existing cellular communications, the City of Colton will dramatically reduce cost and increase recurring operating savings.

Brian Dickinson, Public Works and Utility Services Director for the City of Colton, commented, “Smart Earth Technologies offers critical benefits and operating savings other systems do not have. SET ensures the city has the freedom to choose meter brand, and we do not have to invest in the cost of our own communications network – or wait for that network to be constructed and deployed. Our analysis revealed the SET software and analytics to be superior, providing our team with ease-of-use, and unique insights. With other technologies this project could have taken well over a year to implement. With the SET solution, Colton will be fully implemented in a matter of months.”

The City of Colton is installing over 11,000 of the SET AMI Endpoints. These endpoints transmit consumption, flow, leak, tamper and alert events to the SET Head End System via LTE/5G cellular technology. By utilizing modern cellular LTE standards, the City of Colton leverages the high-level of performance, reliability, and security already established by billions of dollars of telecom investments.

SET products include fully integrated, battery-operated, cellular endpoint transceivers and valves, installation tools, LTE network infrastructure, award-winning cloud software for head-end, data management, and professional services for Customer Information Systems (CIS) integration.

As utilities consider the sunset-stage of earlier generation systems, the SET cloud and LTE based solutions provide an infrastructure-free approach to network migration, software integration, new use cases, recurring operating savings, and customer satisfaction.

About Smart Earth Technologies

SET has delivered cloud-based LTE AMI solutions and software to more than 100 water utilities and selected AMI OEMs worldwide. SET products include fully integrated, battery-operated, meter-agnostic LTE endpoint transceivers and valves, installation tools, LTE network infrastructure, and award-winning cloud software for head-end utility operations. For more information on Smart Earth Technologies visit


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