Consortium to promote renewable hydrogen in Spain, is born

The SHYNE (Spanish Hydrogen Network) project, the largest renewable hydrogen consortium in Spain, made up of 33 entities from different sectors, was presented today at Campus Repsol, the headquarters of the multi-energy company. It brings together 22 companies and 11 associations, technology centers, and universities under the leadership of Repsol with the aim of promoting renewable hydrogen projects in all areas of the Spanish economy and, thus, stimulating rapid and effective decarbonization through this energy vector that is considered one of the keys to the energy transition.

SHYNE aspires to be a benchmark project in Europe, structuring new opportunities throughout the value chain, through collaboration between companies that pursue a common goal: decarbonizing their activity, and joining efforts and investments to achieve it. To this end, the project has six promoting partners, in addition to Repsol. All are leading companies in their sectors: Alsa, Bosch, Celsa, Enagas, Scania, and Talgo.

The projects grouped in SHYNE will involve an accumulated investment of €3.23 billion. This investment will enable the implementation of different initiatives for the production, distribution, and use of renewable hydrogen in the industrial sector, in transport, as well as other applications, and the development of pioneering technologies and acceleration if the deployment plans for this gas. The overall project is expected to generate more than 13,000 jobs.

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