Digital in-truck ‎fuel payment app launched in the UK

bp and Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK have successfully tested the first digital in-truck ‎fuel payment system in the UK, running a successful pilot trial with Wren Kitchens.

The ground-breaking new app-based system, bp In-Truck Pay, makes fuel purchasing ‎and management faster, more efficient and more secure for both truck drivers and ‎fleet managers. The app has been developed for the latest-generation Mercedes-‎Benz Actros, which can be specified with Multimedia Cockpit, Interactive. This ‎incorporates the Truck App Portal, an open platform that can be used by fleet ‎managers to easily assign apps to their vehicles via their Multi-Touch Display.

Automatically relaying purchases, mileage and other data back to base, In-Truck Pay ‎eliminates errors, provides accurate information to managers and removes the need ‎for drivers to enter mileage themselves. bp In-Truck Pay is designed specifically for fleet operators to help get drivers back ‎on the road faster. It requires just three simple steps – drivers confirm the site, ‎unlock the pump and refuel.

The truck directly logs the fuel transaction – paying for the fuel itself. Drivers don’t ‎need to pay in the shop or to enter data. And there is no need for fuel cards, ‎removing complications from managing lost or damaged cards and the risk of ‎fraudulent card use.‎

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