EIN, Global Green USA and the Petersen Automotive Museum Roll Out the Green Carpet for Pre-Oscar Gala Fundraiser

Hollywood Stars Showed Up for this Year’s Green Pre-Oscar Party

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#driveH2–Energy Independence Now (EIN), Global Green USA, and a gathering of eco-conscious celebrities, athletes and influencers convened at the Petersen Automotive Museum the night before the Oscars to learn about and raise funds for research, policy advocacy and public outreach to promote the widespread adoption of diverse zero emissions solutions.

Among the celebrities in attendance were Ronen Rubenstein, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Sharon Lawrence, Tawny Newsome, Jeff Timmons, Jordyn Woods, Jake Busey, Caelynn Miller-Keves & Dean Unglert, Olympic Skateboarders Manny Santiago, Mariah Duban and Christina Means; Victoria Konefal, Kara Del Toro, Alyssa Lynch, Greg Louganis and many others.

The event featured musical performances by Jake Wesley Rogers and Eric Krasno (and a surprise performance by Son Little), offered experiential live auction items and shone the spotlight squarely on sustainable entertainment, cars, cocktails and a glimpse into a more environmentally-friendly future. Planet-friendly gift-bags curated by Erewhon were provided to guests, who were also treated to sustainable foods and drinks.

Also receiving the spotlight on the evening was DriveH2, the public service initiative by environmental nonprofit EIN and its message of a hydrogen powered future. Working with EIN, Toyota (one of the event’s sponsors, and makers of the Mirai, a groundbreaking, zero emission, hydrogen fuel cell powered car), has already made vehicle donations to non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, Petersen Automotive Museum (for education programs), Social Justice Learning Institute, ThinkWatts LA, and After-School All-Stars. These vehicles and other examples of the Toyota Mirai were on display throughout the venue.

“Tonight’s Green Pre-Oscar Gala was an incredibly fun and fulfilling event,” said Brian Goldstein, EIN’s Executive Director. “It’s exciting to see high profile personalities from film, television, sports and music working to educate themselves about sustainable, zero emission alternatives to fossil fuels that are polluting our air and destroying the planet. I find it heart-warming that so many influential people are enthusiastic to use their platforms to spread the word about our DriveH2 public service initiative. EIN is the only environmental nonprofit dedicated to advocating for clean hydrogen, which is the foundation of the new energy economy. Government and private investments in clean hydrogen are critical if we are going to meet our environmental goals, and public awareness is a vital catalyst for both. We have no time to waste in our fight for clean air and there’s no disputing the urgency of the climate crisis, so it was really quite gratifying to see so many influencers here to support our work and spread the word.”

Learn more at www.driveh2.org, or follow EIN’s story and updates across all social media platforms at @DriveH2.

About EIN and the DriveH2 Campaign

DriveH2 is a public service initiative by Energy Independence Now (EIN), an environmental nonprofit committed to educating the world about the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The organization engages in comprehensive research, policy advocacy and public outreach to promote the widespread adoption of a diverse zero emissions portfolio.


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