End of oil and gas: training booming in Germany´s heating trade – Stiebel Eltron reports

  • 5,000 participants a year get heat pump “driving license”

HOLZMINDEN, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The new market opportunities for environmentally friendly technology are boosting further training in the German heating trade: Stiebel Eltron alone trains around 5,000 participants a year at its locations in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Böblingen, Nuremberg, Oberhausen and Holzminden, as well as online. Even if the difference between boiler and heat pump installation is not serious, the company says: Some work steps are omitted, others are newly added. Getting to know the heat pump technology better and reducing fear of contact – that’s what the seminar “Heat pump driving license” is all about, for example.

This ensures that the heating systems of the future are selected, installed and maintained properly.

“Since last autumn, we’ve experienced another massive increase in the rush to our seminar offerings,” reports Jürgen Kijek, head of Stiebel Eltron’s Energy Campus. “To meet the huge demand, we offer the training courses nationwide and have expanded the course system to include the online version ‘Heat Pump Driving License’ – and it’s a real success.”

Professionals training

Heating engineers who have so far mainly installed oil and gas systems are of course also basically very well equipped for heat pump installation. Nevertheless, the practice-oriented seminars make sense: “The Stiebel trainers are themselves trained heating engineers and accompany the course participants as they acquire the initial basic knowledge up to professional status. It’s all about the quick, easy selection of a suitable complete system, the few differences compared to the installation of a gas or oil unit, the right steps to take during commissioning and how to prevent simple hydraulic or electrical errors,” explains Jürgen Kijek. “At the end of the course, the graduates are perfectly prepared for the rapidly increasing customer demand for the environmentally friendly heating system heat pump.”

Heat pump Know-how

The pace of changeover to environmentally friendly heating systems is accelerating. For specialist tradesmen, know-how in heat pump technology is now indispensable. Further information on the heat pump driving license can be found at: www.stiebel-eltron.de/seminare

About Stiebel Eltron

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