Enersponse Enables More Customers to Monetize Energy Load Reduction by Teaming up With Distech Controls

Trailblazing Distributed Energy Resource Management Company Teams Up with Premier Intelligent Building Solutions Supplier to Increase Access to Energy Savings and Rebates; Partnership Supports Grid Stability and Decarbonization Efforts

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enersponse, a leading distributed energy resource (DER) management provider, today announced it has teamed up with Distech Controls, an innovation leader connecting people with intelligent business solutions, to allow customers the ability to monetize energy load reduction via their installed Distech Controls products. With hardware already in place, Distech Controls clients will have seamless access to Enersponse’s energy-saving solutions, empowering them to save money by using automation to throttle consumption according to pre-set preferences when real-time wholesale electricity costs increase. The partnership provides benefits to both trusted brands while also creating a better return on investment for their customer base.

“Our team is constantly focused on finding top building control partners where we can further leverage our energy programs,” said James McPhail, chief executive officer and founder of Enersponse. “As an industry leader with best-in-class products, we knew forming a partnership with Distech Controls was a no-brainer. It’s an exciting achievement for both companies but very fruitful for the customer as well as we’re giving them access to bill savings, alternative streams of revenue, new ESG compliance opportunities, energy conservation wins and much more.”

The Enersponse Platform™ is differentiated by its unique intelligent automation technology. The company’s advanced tech stack keeps a pulse on what’s happening down to a hyper-regional level—monitoring weather patterns, system outages, energy pricing fluctuations and synching this data with pre-determined client preferences—to stay in tune with environmental conditions and intelligently adjust energy usage in real-time. Thanks to deep relationships with utility providers across the country, Enersponse is able to liaise on behalf of clients. This means less stress on internal resources and an automated one-stop-shop solution for consolidating all available energy conserving programs to further maximize on cost savings. The Enersponse team then works with clients to set custom automations—down to the individual location—knowing that one might be able to adjust by two degrees for 30 minutes, whereas another can only tolerate one degree for 15 minutes.

Distech Control clients will gain turnkey access to Enersponse’s energy reduction programs across the country for any of their commercial settings, including hotels, schools, hospitals and more. In addition to massive savings and rebate opportunities, Distech Control’s customers are now primed to create a more sustainable portfolio by reducing consumption when the grid is at its peak or maxed out, which helps with grid reliability and decarbonization efforts.

“This deal is exciting not only because we’re able to work with a very likeminded organization in Enersponse, but we’re also keeping the customer at the forefront and finding additional ways to help them save money and energy with high quality and innovative solutions that are effortless to access,” Joël, Désiré, Connected Building Solution Manager at Distech Controls. “As always, our goal is to deliver solutions that provide better health, better spaces and better efficiencies and that’s exactly what our customers can expect with this new partnership with Enersponse.”

To take advantage of this partnership, Distech Controls customers simply agree to participate. There is no added hardware or need for sourcing a demand response provider; Enersponse takes on all of the legwork. It’s a simple, convenient and unified power reduction solution that saves energy and money while helping to maintain a stable grid and reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas. Even better, it is free to clients to take part in, making it risk-free and a win-win.

To learn more, visit: www.enersponse.com.

About Enersponse: Enersponse is an energy resource management platform that works with power providers across the country to aggregate their distributed energy resource (DER) and rebate programs and with energy-using clients across the U.S. to maximize financial incentives by automating load reduction responses. This process helps providers maintain a stable grid and saves customers money, earns them passive income through rebates from their energy providers and helps them meet corporate social responsibility objectives. Enersponse’s intelligent automation-powered distributed energy resource platform is connected to hundreds of power generators across North America, all dispatchable to customers’ existing control systems. The company’s advanced technology keeps track of what’s happening down to a micro-locational level—even for large enterprises with facilities distributed across multiple power grid providers—monitoring weather patterns, system outages and energy pricing fluctuations and synching this data with pre-set client preferences to intelligently adjust in real-time without the need for human intervention. This means less stress on internal resources and an automated one-stop-shop solution for consolidating all available energy conservation programs to maximize cost savings—ultimately paying customers and their controls companies to save energy. Enersponse received a Bronze Stevie Award in Energy Innovation of the Year in 2019, Company of the Year in Energy in the 2020 International Business Awards, the Gold Stevie Award for Company of the Year in Energy in 2021, and most recently, the Global Excellence Award as the 2022 Leading Innovator in Demand Response Solutions for California. Learn more about Enersponse at www.enersponse.com or follow via social media at @Enersponse.


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