Eni to adhere to agreed sanctions in Congo investigation

In relation to the investigation relating to some Eni’s activities in Congo, which involved the Company and one of its managers, Eni is pleased to note that also these allegations of international corruption ceased to exist. Following the reduction of the alleged offence to undue inducement by the Court of Milan, Eni adhered to the hypothesis of agreed sanctions submitted by the Public Prosecutor, and has submitted its request.

The company will therefore make a consideration of 11.8 million euros available as an agreed sanction.

Eni wishes to note that the deal does not represent an admission of guilt by the company in relation to the alleged offence but an initiative aimed at avoiding the continuation a judicial process that would entail further expenditure of resources from Eni and all the involved parties.

The verdict also confirms the resilience of the company’s anti-bribery control systems.

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