Europe’s largest battery storage project now Operational

The Minety project, consisting of two 50-megawatt batteries, was developed by Penso Power and funded by China Huaneng Group and CNIC Corporation. Shell and Limejump structured a deal offering revenue certainty for multiple years via the strong backing of Shell’s offtaking capabilities whilst maximising revenues with Limejump’s tech-led battery optimisation and trading skill set. This is pivotal for battery storage developers as there is a high degree of uncertainty in UK power markets.

The 100-megawatt system in Minety in Wiltshire, south west England, is now fully operational. Controlled and optimised by Shell-owned Limejump, the battery will help balance the UK’s electricity demand, with the capacity to provide electricity for up to 10,000 homes in a 24-hour period before being recharged.

The Minety scheme is now the largest battery within National Grid ESO’s Dynamic Containment market, which was set up last year to deal with sudden frequency issues through grid balancing.

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