EVIOS launches smartest and most intuitive EV home charger for mass market

A new British company, EVIOS, has launched the smartest and most intuitive electric vehicle (EV) home charger on the market, developed from the outset to help drive mainstream adoption of EVs.

The EVIOS One features a jargon-free user interface, the largest colour screen of any home charger, and a smartphone app that allow users to configure each charge to suit their needs and preferences – prioritising low price, enhanced sustainability or high speed. Users can easily see exactly how many miles have been added in each charging session, and the cost.


The EVIOS One can integrate with home energy tariffs to charge during off-peak times to significantly reduce running costs, and it can be paid for via interest-free monthly instalments, helping to make EV ownership a viable option for more motorists. There is also an all-inclusive package that includes the cost of installation.

The EVIOS One is the first unit of its kind to support separate user profiles, making it an ideal option for shared residential or business parking areas, or homes with more than one EV. Unique in the sector, access to the EVIOS One is protected via PIN to prevent unauthorised use, and up to eight profiles can be stored.

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