‘First-of-Its-Kind’ Hydrogen Map identifies over 200 hydrogen projects

Pillsbury’s Hydrogen Map, the first public resource tracking the development of hydrogen projects worldwide, is gaining press recognition across the globe.

Pillsbury partner and Energy Industry Group leader Elina Teplinsky said the Hydrogen Map, which currently identifies more than 200 hydrogen projects, will be updated frequently. Teplinsky noted that the hydrogen project map is also client-driven. It will be a useful resource for clients she said, but also for analysts looking at the energy transition and the hydrogen market, for companies working in hydrogen, for government agencies and for lawyers and business teams looking for opportunities. She said there is a lot of pressure on companies to adopt strategies consistent with the energy transition. “Large private equity and other billion-dollar investors are telling the Fortune 500 companies you have to decarbonize. Otherwise, you won’t be seeing much of our money,” she added.

The interactive Pillsbury Hydrogen Map is a first-of-its-kind interactive resource that reflects rapid progression of hydrogen projects and technologies worldwide. The map concentrates on “green” and “blue” hydrogen projects—production facilities that meet low-carbon thresholds by using either zero-carbon sources such as renewables or nuclear power or by capturing, storing or reusing carbon emissions produced by fossil fuel-based hydrogen production methods—with more than 200 projects already included.

This data set will expand over time, with existing entries updated as projects progress and the potential to add more information to help readers find projects of interest to them.

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