Future of Fuels: What’s Ahead for Oil, Refined Products, Biofuels and EVs

Global supply/demand dynamics in refined products markets are being driven by two critically important factors. The first is the reluctance of refiners to expand capacity in the face of climate policy and ESG headwinds. The second is a growing gap between policymakers’ aggressive energy-transition goals and the global pivot to a renewed focus on energy security. These developments have far-reaching implications, not only for refinery owners but also for E&Ps, midstreamers, exporters, policymakers, and energy-industry investors.   

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Crudeoil–RBN Energy and its Refined Fuels Analytics (“RFA”) practice today announced the release of “Future of Fuels,” a comprehensive report on the key factors influencing petroleum market dynamics — prices and price relationships, petroleum supply and demand, alternative fuels, and refining capacity and utilization.

The report’s analysis, forecasts and accompanying datasets address the short- and long-term outlook for the refining industry and a wide range of specific topics, such as the advantages U.S. refineries have over many of their international counterparts; the growing significance of export markets; the ongoing impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war on Russian refineries and exports; the Chinese government’s strategy regarding the buildout of refining capacity and exports; the decline in heavy oil production in the Western Hemisphere and the resulting narrowing in heavy-vs.-light differentials; and the unique set of challenges that refiners in each regional market face.

Future of Fuels provides a detailed look at U.S. and global refining capacity, including a detailed discussion of refinery project start-ups, restarts and shutdowns; the types of crude (heavy, medium, light) that capacity additions are designed to process; and changes in regional product make capacity.

The report also does a deep dive into global and regional demand trends for gasoline, diesel, jet, biodiesel, renewable diesel (RD) and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) — including an assessment of the special dynamics driving the incentives-dependent biodiesel, RD and SAF markets; the margins for producing RD; and the availability of biofuel feedstocks. Finally, it includes a remarkably comprehensive set of supporting production, pricing and other data, all in downloadable Excel files.

For more information about the new Future of Fuels report and RBN’s Refined Fuels Analytics unit, click here.

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