Galp presents its 2Q21 and 1H21 results

Galp’s adjusted operating cash flow (OCF)1 reached €470 m, up €231 m YoY, reflecting the very challenging macro conditions during 2020, supported by a higher Upstream contribution as well as a better downstream performance. Cash flow from operations (CFFO) was €440 m.

FCF generation was strong at €228 m, with net capex during the period of €186 m.

Net debt at the end of the period was €1,711 m, with net debt to RCA Ebitda decreasing to 1.0x.

RCA Ebitda was €571 m, with the following highlights:

Upstream: RCA Ebitda was €467 m, a €263 m increase YoY, reflecting the higher oil price environment, which more than offset the lower production and the depreciation of the USD against the Euro.
Commercial: RCA Ebitda of €73 m, up 22% YoY, reflecting the higher demand of oil products from a partial relief of lockdown measures in Iberia.
Industrial & Energy Management: RCA Ebitda was €50 m, up €31 m YoY, with margins still pressured by the international environment. Energy Management Ebitda benefited from timing differences on trading gas derivatives, which should be partially reverted during 2H21.
Renewables & New Businesses: No relevant RCA Ebitda as most of the operations are not consolidated. The pro-forma Ebitda2 of the Renewables operations reached €17 m in the period, driven by robust Iberian solar capture prices in Iberia.
RCA Ebit was up €362 m YoY to €305 m, supported by the stronger operational performance, whilst including €50 m of impairments in exploration assets in Upstream.

RCA net income was €140 m. IFRS net income was €71 m, with an inventory effect of €68 m and special items of -€137 m.

First half 2021

Galp’s OCF1 was €914 m, 68% higher YoY, while RCA Ebitda was €1,071 m, 41% higher YoY, given the improved macro conditions.

Capex totalled €402 m, with Upstream accounting for 71% of total investments, whilst the downstream activities represented 11% and Renewables & New Businesses 16%. Net capex represented a gain of €8 m, considering the proceeds from divestments during the period, most notably the stake in GGND.

FCF amounted to €746 m, with the strong cash generation supported by operational performance and the GGND divestment.

Considering dividends paid to shareholders of €290 m and to non-controlling interests of €78 m, as well as other adjustments, net debt decreased €354 m, compared to the end of last year.

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