Green Wave Electronics Partners With Indiana Counties on Its Mission to Plant 100,000 Trees

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Green Wave Electronics, a leading national e-waste recycler & reverse logistics company with over 325,000 st/ft of operations, is pleased to announce its newest sustainability initiative in partnering with the Indiana County Waste Authority to plant thousands of trees throughout the United States in 2022.

For every ton of e-waste collected by Marion County Indiana that is recycled through Green Wave Electronics processing center in Indianapolis, the organization pledges to plant 10 trees to help promote reforestation in areas that have been degraded or deforested. Reforestation can be defined as the process of replanting trees in areas that have been affected by natural disturbances like wildfires, drought, and insect and disease infestations — and unnatural ones like logging, mining, agricultural clearing, and development.

“Sponsoring reforestation aligns with our mission of promoting all facets of a circular economy. Reuse, reduce, recycle go hand in hand with planting trees and is a great example of a circular economy in that trees provide multiple benefits during its life, and can be used to manufacture products when they are cut down,” said Mark Sherman, CEO of Green Wave Electronics.

The company’s goal of recycling thirty-million pounds of electronic waste and planting over 100,000 trees over the course of the next year is off to a great start with local businesses, schools, and county waste authorities signing up to join the cause. With all of the e-waste that it collects, Green Wave Electronics adheres to a strict “No Landfill” policy while also distributing a large volume of refurbished desktop and laptop computers to developing nations to help bring their communities online.

Led by Jen Rakin, the Executive Director of Wabash County Solid Waste Management District, the state of Indiana is the first state to sign up to participate and join Green Wave Electronics in its sustainability initiative. Jen’s mission is clear. “Time spent outdoors in the environment is never time wasted. Time spent caring for the environment is never a wasted effort. Thus, participation in Green Wave Electronics reforestation program is a no brainer. I am proud to give back to a resource that has so unselfishly given to man. Wildfires and land development are devastating to the environment. Reforestation is critical to maintain a diverse ecosystem. It is important for each and every one of us to strive to leave our environment in better condition than when we inherited it.” Jen Rankin, Executive Director

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