Greenpeace takes legal action against UK Government

In a landmark case that will cause much embarrassment for the government just two months before it hosts global climate talks in Glasgow, Greenpeace will call for the government’s decision to be overturned, and for BP’s permit to be revoked.

It is the first time an offshore oil permit has ever been challenged in court. If Greenpeace wins, the ruling from the Court of Session, Scotland’s highest civil court, could have huge ramifications for how the UK government makes future oil permit decisions. For example, it could have implications for the imminent decision on controversial proposals to open new wells in the Cambo oil field.

Mel Evans, head of oil and gas transition at Greenpeace UK, said: “It’s outrageous that the UK government routinely rubber stamps oil permits – like this one and the proposed permit for Cambo – while completely ignoring the climate impact, which causes extreme weather and deaths.

If the BP permit is revoked, the case could set a precedent requiring the government to assess emissions that come from burning fossil fuels, before granting future oil drilling permits.

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