Gridspertise Showcases Edge Computing Solutions for Smarter, More Resilient Grids at Distributech 2024

  • The company’s Virtualization and Edge Processing Platform for Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) Grid Automation solutions address the complexity of modern distribution networks with MV/LV enhanced visibility, control and reliability.

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gridspertise, a global player dedicated to supporting utilities worldwide in accelerating the digital transformation of electricity grids, is at Distributech International in Orlando, Florida, Feb. 27-29, 2024, showcasing its Virtualization and Edge Processing Platform for MV and LV Grid Automation, a portfolio of solutions designed for the whole network ecosystem: cities, neighborhoods, homes as well as isolated areas.

The accelerated rise in electricity demand, coupled with the integration of new charging loads such as electric vehicles and the expanding presence of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), alongside the effects of extreme weather and ambitious decarbonization targets, are introducing more complexity into the grid.

This complexity is characterized by the emergence of bidirectional power flows and fluctuating demand patterns, factors that are straining the grid’s resilience and reliability, especially on the medium voltage and low voltage networks, where there are fewer tools to monitor and control them in comparison to transmission level high voltage ones. Therefore, extending monitoring and remote control to MV and LV power lines is mandatory to improve the reliability and quality of service to final users, decrease the System Average Interruption Duration (SAIDI) Index as well as reduce total costs.

To enhance visibility and control on the edge, the Virtualization and Edge Processing Platform for MV and LV Grid Automation incorporates several use cases related to the MV/LV distribution substation: Gridspertise Quantum Edge® device enables grid operators to run key grid functionalities directly on the edge, reducing equipment in substations and enhancing grid resilience and reliability with faster response times and uninterrupted power.

Gridspertise also provides a smaller form-factor version of the Quantum Edge® device, serving as an interoperable meter data concentrator and Remote Terminal Unit. The solution integrates several merging units to monitor the status of the transformer and LV feeders, as well as other environmental parameters. In North America, this device would be installed on pole-mounted transformers to provide unprecedented visibility into the LV grid.

“Our presence in North America and the ongoing discussions with numerous local utilities reveal a shared vision for the future U.S. grid: one that’s digitalized, leverages edge computing for distributed energy resources, and is implemented sooner rather than later,” said Santiago Cascante, Chief Commercial Officer at Gridspertise. “While challenges exist, early integration of solutions like the Quantum Edge® offers immediate cost benefits through visualization and edge computing capabilities and paves the way for future enhancements.”

Furthermore, Gridspertise offers a full end-to-end metering platform, including hardware, software, and managed services with a Metering-as-a-Service approach, freeing utilities from managing metering operations and allowing them to focus on their core business.

The Quantum Edge® device can also be applied in islanded areas, serving as a microgrid controller balancing renewable and traditional energy sources in islands and energy community, providing edge synchrophasor measurements and facilitating flexibility commands between devices and central systems.

Today, Gridspertise is also hosting two speaking sessions at Distributech: “Edge Computing & Virtualization” (2:45-3:15PM) exploring next-gen grid management, and “Low Voltage SCADA & Monitoring” (4:15-4:45PM) tackling modern grid challenges through LV-specific solutions.

To learn more about Edge Processing Platform for MV and LV Grid Automation, visit Gridspertise at booth number 3225 at Distributech.

About Gridspertise

Gridspertise offers grid intelligent devices, end-to-end cloud-edge platform solutions and services to accelerate the digital transformation of electricity distribution grids. Gridspertise portfolio is designed as an open ecosystem, easy to integrate with utilities’ existing infrastructure, combining intelligent and automated grid devices with ready-to-use modular applications, running at central level as well as on the edge. A milestone of 100 million smart meters with Gridspertise technology delivered globally has been recently reached by the Company, meeting the need of several energy markets and regulations. The Company was set up in 2021 as a carve-out of Enel and today is an independent company jointly controlled by the Enel Group and CVC Capital Partners. Gridspertise is headquartered in Italy with subsidiaries in Spain, Brazil, India, United States and it has recently acquired Aidon, a leader in smart metering in the Nordics and funded the joint venture Neugemacht, offering end-to-end metering services to the German market. Current target markets include Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia-Pacific. For further information, visit


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