Hawaii-Based Oceanit to Bring Sweeping Disruptive Innovation to Houston, Global Energy Transformation

  • Oceanit’s EDGE (Energy & Decarbonization for the Global Environment) launch coincides with OTC2022 (Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston, TX.
  • Energy efficiency, green hydrogen, sustainable energy, and decarbonization are among top priorities for global energy transformation

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oceanit, the energy and climate innovator, announces the launch of its EDGE (Energy & Decarbonization for the Global Environment) in-house incubator, coinciding with OTC2022. Energy efficiency, hydrogen tech, and decarbonization are among the top EDGE priorities.

“To slow climate change impacts on the planet, we must develop sustainable fuels and clean energy technologies, such as hydrogen and geothermal, and radically improve the ways we generate energy today,” said Dr. Patrick Sullivan, Oceanit CEO. “EDGE is our internal incubator where we are taking fresh approaches to improving traditional industry technologies and working at great speed to rethink the entire energy ecosystem.”

Oceanit’s energy transformation work will examine four priority areas within the EDGE incubator:

  • Create advanced materials that upgrade efficiency, improve safety, and can be endowed with ‘smart’ responses
  • Build next-gen AI to safeguard and enhance infrastructure and systems
  • Develop decarbonization technologies that capture and store CO2
  • Enable clean and sustainable energy sources, like green hydrogen

Oceanit Breakthroughs

HeatX™ surface treatment is a water-based technology for heat transfer surfaces in refineries, power plants, desalination plants, and more. HeatX increases efficiency and protects surfaces from deposition and corrosion while being safe for the environment. On average, 60% of potential energy is currently lost to heat during fossil fuel energy generation — HeatX substantially increases efficiency, reducing carbon emissions.

Oceanit’s Scanite™ “smart cement” provides an intelligent monitoring capability for energy producers — improving safety and reliability in natural gas and geothermal wells, while protecting economies and reducing climate impacts on ecosystems and the environment.

The U.S. Department of Energy recently selected Oceanit to develop several breakthrough hydrogen technologies. Oceanit’s “HALO” system utilizes directed energy to produce clean hydrogen from wastewater and other waste byproducts produced in industrial business, such as gas production. HydroPel is Oceanit’s nanocomposite formulated to prevent hydrogen embrittlement, enabling transmission of H2 through the U.S.’s already-existing natural gas infrastructure. And the HyDIOS system uses advanced optics and AI to monitor H2/natural gas blends for safe transmission.

Through the launch of EDGE and its established agenda for innovation, Oceanit is committing to addressing this era’s most critical challenge — energy transformation and decarbonization for our planet.

Oceanit will be demonstrating EDGE technologies at their 2022 Energy Transformation Technology Showcase on May 3rd at Greentown Labs Houston, 4200 San Jacinto Street, at 5:00 pm CDT. 14 Oceanit energy and climate technologies will be demonstrated live. Please contact marketing@oceanit.com to learn more.

About Oceanit

Oceanit, a “Mind to Market” company, creates disruptive technology from fundamental science and moves these technologies into the marketplace. With headquarters in Honolulu, Oceanit employs approximately 200 scientists, researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs in Hawai’i, California, Texas, Washington D.C., and beyond. Oceanit practices a proprietary discipline called ‘Intellectual Anarchy’ that reimagines innovation — empowering teams to break down traditional silos, transcend disciplines, and cross-pollinate ideas and expertise. Oceanit creates breakthrough ideas, insights, discoveries, and developments, and through spin-outs, corporate co-development partnerships, licensing, and direct manufacturing, Oceanit delivers the future. For more information, please visit https://www.oceanit.com.


Elisabeth Hershman