Hyundai Reveals Hydrogen value chain and software technologies at CES 2024

London, 09 January 2024, (Oilandgaspress) – Hyundai is showcasing its waste-to-hydrogen production and hydrogen value chain as well as SDV technologies and future mobility concepts at CES 2024. Attendees can visit the company’s exhibition booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall, from January 9–12.

The exhibition revolves around the theme of ‘Ease every way,’ focusing on a human-centric future to come through the application of hydrogen energy and software technologies. In the entrance, the plastic-to-hydrogen process, in which waste plastic is transformed into clean hydrogen energy, can be seen on a large immersive three-sided display.

In the middle of the booth, there are various HTWO Grid solutions and hydrogen value chain demonstration projects on display that span Hyundai Motor Group, including Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Rotem, Hyundai E&C, Hyundai Engineering, Hyundai Glovis and Hyundai Steel. The comprehensive hydrogen solutions and demonstration projects on display covers all hydrogen value chain solution that spans production, storage, transportation, and utilization including resource-circulating hydrogen production (e.g., W2H and P2H), green hydrogen production, hydrogen distribution and logistics, ammonia carriers, fuel cell trams, green steel, fuel cell electric trucks and mobile fuel cell generators.

Also two physical exhibitions that enhance visitors’ understanding of our hydrogen business can be found on the booth. On display is a sectional model explaining the driving principle of a mobile fuel cell generator, which can be used in emergency situations, remote areas where power is difficult to obtain and EV racing events (e.g., eTCR). There is also a diorama explaining the waste-to-hydrogen process, illustrating how the biogas generated from waste is converted into hydrogen energy.

Hyundai is also showcasing key SDV technologies under development by the Group’s Global Software Center 42dot. It includes a demo of the new E&E architecture for SDV, a system that decouples hardware from software to increase flexibility and scalability. The new simplified architecture has a centralized HPVC (High-Performance Vehicle Computer) and zone controllers responsible for controlling the sensors and actuators with a fault tolerant architecture.

In addition, there are films explaining the core SDV technologies developed to date encompassing next-generation vehicle networks run by SDV OS, autonomous driving, safety-designed vehicles, SDV technologies extending into smart cities with high-fidelity fleet management, and LLM-based AI assistant. Hyundai will also present a film on software-defined mobility services in motion equipped with advanced technologies operated by various companies within the Group.

The exhibition booth also displays videos that showcase major demonstration projects related to hydrogen, as well as expected customer values from Hyundai’s vision for a future based on hydrogen and software.

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