IDE Water Technologies Names Alon Tavor CEO of IDE Group Amid Organizational Changes Designed to Advance Strategic Projects

Leadership shifts strengthen strategy of IDE Group

KADIMA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IDE Technologies, a global leader in water treatment solutions, today announced leadership changes designed to further advance the growth of strategic water projects under IDE. Alon Tavor, CEO, IDE Water Technologies, has been appointed as the CEO of IDE Technologies Group, in addition to his current role. Tavor will be overlooking the Group’s strategic planning, continuing its current efforts and success in ongoing projects.

Mazy Pinchusowicz, CFO, has been appointed as Deputy CEO of IDE Technologies Group, continuing to play an integral role in the business leadership of the Group.

Lihy Teuerstein has been appointed as CEO of IDE Water Assets. Teuerstein has been with the IDE Group for more than a decade, leading the IDE Water Assets global development activities for the last four years. As CEO, Teuerstein will continue to lead global expansion and new business efforts around the world. She will be replacing Gal Zohar, who served as CEO of IDE Water Assets and is leaving his position after 13 successful years.

“With Alon at the helm as CEO of our Group and Lihy taking on the role as CEO of IDE Water Assets, we look forward to uniting company values and strengthening our positions, achieving our strategic goals as one, successful group,” said Avshalom Felber, Executive Chairman, IDE Technologies.

“As we head into a new year, we are excited for the opportunity to continue leading our markets and fostering growth for IDE’s comprehensive water treatment solutions in new and existing regions, with a strong and experienced leadership team,” added Felber. “Building on their previous experience and commitment to providing the best possible level of service to new and existing customers, we are confident these changes in leadership will propel IDE and its offerings to the next level.”

About IDE Water Technologies

A world leading provider of desalination and water treatment solutions, IDE specializes in the development, engineering, construction, operation and marketing of some of the world’s largest and most advanced thermal and membrane desalination facilities and industrial water treatment plants. IDE partners with a wide range of customers – municipalities, oil & gas, mining, refineries and power plants – on all aspects of water projects, and delivers approximately 3 million m3/day of high-quality water worldwide.


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