Indji Systems 2021 Leadership in Wind Energy Winner

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Indji Systems, the leading environmental threat monitoring and alerting provider for the renewable energy sector, was recently awarded the Wind Power Engineering 2021 Leadership in Wind Energy award in the Simulation Services category.

Indji Systems provides monitoring and alerting of weather driven and environmental hazards with their Indji Watch software. This service enables users to proactively prepare for threats, plan maintenance and repairs and keep their teams safe. It has grown to be the preferred natural hazard monitoring and alerting system in the renewable energy industry.

“Indji Systems is honored that our customers in the renewable energy industry see us as a leader in online services and most importantly value our role in their daily operations. It reinforces our focus on asset specific alerting and forecast alerts that improve their safety and operational efficiency,” said Charles Park, Vice President Sales – Americas. “We greatly value and incorporate all of their feedback and look forward to delivering innovative solutions and great customer service for decades to come.”

Indji Watch leverages the Indji Systems U.S. Patent 10,089,854 which covers the core technologies used in the Indji Watch cloud service including the dynamic modelling of assets and hazards from sensor networks, the ability to define complex rules for threat relationships between them and the real-time monitoring of threats to raise alerts for customers.

The patented technologies can be applied to all types of hazards. They are used to create models for a multitude of different weather-based hazards such as flooding, lightning, icing, earthquakes and wildfires, drawing from multiple different sources. These technologies give Indji Watch the distinction of being the only cloud-based service able to offer multi-source integrated wildfire alerting.

“Indji Watch has been recognised by numerous innovation awards in the past which has encouraged us to continue our development with a focused customer view of requirements. We always welcome suggestions and feedback to ensure our agility to meet market needs and address the strategic vision and plans of the industry. We value our user community recognition above all other awards as demonstrating the focus and acceptability of our services and continued development,” Hennie Kuenen, Chairman of the Board.

Indji Systems continues to innovate and invest in the development of new product features. Customers are invited to attend the yearly, one-day User Group Meeting with the Indji Systems staff. This meeting allows customers to provide feedback on the existing product and new features they need to improve their productivity and team safety. The recent release of the Plan of Day and Plan of Week, as well as upcoming mobile application features are a few of the recent innovations developed from customer feedback and participation.

About Indji Systems

Indji Systems, founded in 2004, is an independent software company with offices in California and Western Australia. Indji Systems designs mapping software which helps businesses to make better decisions and run more efficiently. The Indji Watch product is designed specifically for the Utility and Renewable Energy industries to provide grid stability, help ensure personnel safety and efficiently plan operation and maintenance activities. Indji Systems is committed to delivering the highest level of service possible and to contributing “real” value to customers and their communities. For more information, visit


Shelly Carothers