Infinity Turbine Announces a new type of Turbine which may provide the Solution for the Production of Gamma Sulfur for Batteries and On-demand Energy Storage

MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infinity Turbine LLC, is introducing the Gas Leverage Turbine (GLT).

Considered a hybrid between Brayton Cycle and Organic Rankine Cycle, the gas leverage turbine produces phase changes dynamics for continuous battery material production and flow energy storage.

Using first principles, the GLT has a variety of applications which include:

  • continuous production of gamma sulfur for battery production
  • continuous storage of energy using carbon dioxide in a closed loop gas flow battery process
  • airborne power unit using rechargeable Zeolites for drones and electric flight
  • range enhancers for electric cars

Infinity Turbine LLC offers a visionary future for clean and renewable fuels by providing complimentary technologies which leverage together for greater efficiency.

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G. Giese | CEO | Infinity Turbine LLC |