Inmarsat launches new seamless Push-to-Talk communications solution

Global Beam Telecom, Cobham Satcom and Inmarsat have today announced the launch of a new Push-To-Talk (PTT) offering, BGAN PRISM PTT+, in partnership with Hytera. This complete satellite-enhanced connectivity solution, now available through Hytera mobile radios, will help businesses overcome coverage redundancy and operational downtime associated with traditional radio systems.

This new unified network solution combines leading expertise in satellite connectivity, radio systems (LMR/DMR) and cellular devices (3G/LTE) to create a unique PTT offering that will accelerate advanced connectivity adoption among businesses in the Middle East.

Supported by Inmarsat’s BGAN service – powered by the company’s unparalleled, global ELERA (L-band) satellite network – the solution provides industry-leading reliability of 99.9%+ uptime and enables seamless radio over internet protocol (IP) capabilities. It will ensure businesses have access to real-time communications and telemetry capabilities, increasing their visibility of operations and the safety of remote workers and assets.

Mike Carter, President of Inmarsat Enterprise said “In this new partnership, Inmarsat is proud to build on our longstanding relationships with Global Beam Telecom and Cobham Satcom, by welcoming Hytera into the fold. This collaboration will be a game-changer for remote workers in the Middle East. It will combine top-of-the-range hardware and software with the best connectivity to provide a new, unmatched PTT service for customers.

“The expertise and technological strength in ELERA, Inmarsat’s industry-leading narrowband network, makes us the perfect connectivity partner to power this new PTT solution. Combined with the immense capabilities of our collaborators, this partnership will keep remote workers safe and connected wherever they are, even in the most remote locations.”

The sophisticated solution will transform customer experience across three key areas: coverage, interoperability, and capability. Incorporating satellite coverage provides exceptional network resilience, enabling seamless switching between radio and satellite while sustaining constant coverage anywhere in the world. Enhanced interoperability will allow for a range of communication methods to mix and connect effortlessly and encourage cross entity transmission, while digitalisation will provide enhanced end-user capabilities such as conversation recall, replay, and expanded data-analysis possibilities.

The unique BGAN PRISM PTT+, one of Global Beam Telecom’s integrated connectivity solutions, features Inmarsat’s highly-reliable ELERA capabilities and brings together hardware components from Cobham’s EXPLORER 323 Terminal and EXPLORER Mobile Gateway, Hytera’s lightweight but robust digital two-way radio (PD505) and professional Digital Mobile Radio (MD785i). The partnership provides the ultimate offering, supplying real-time GPS, telemetry, and PTT capabilities to create a consistent solution for businesses. 

Shabeer Mohammad, Managing Director at Global Beam Telecom said “We are looking forward to sharing BGAN PRISM PTT+ with our customers. As the system integrator, configuring the expertise of the four companies – all of which boast years of experience in their respective fields – provided us the perfect opportunity to bring the ultimate flexible connectivity solution to enterprise customers.”

Stanley Song, Deputy General Manager of Hytera Overseas Sales Department and Sales Director of Hytera MENA said “Following the successful completion of our two-phase testing process, we have established a solution that is exceptionally well-suited to the Middle East. With robust hardware – capable of withstanding temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius – combined with the durability of Inmarsat’s global BGAN offering, we are able to provide customers with the most impressive solution currently on the market, ensuring the ultimate safety and operational efficiency of their fleets.”

Henrik Nørrelykke, Vice President and Head of Critical Communications at Cobham Satcom said “We are excited to help bring this powerful and very cost-effective platform to customers across the Middle East. By building on existing terrestrial infrastructure, it enables enterprise customers to enhance their operations by adding the extensive capabilities of satellite connectivity without the need for significant CAPEX investment. This allows them to prioritise the day-to-day expenses of quality operations and implement a more scalable business model in the long-term.”

Inmarsat’s ELERA network is the world’s most reliable satellite network for IoT and secure narrowband connectivity. ELERA offers more global spectrum than any L-band provider, with its recently launched I-6 F1 satellite (and I-6 F2 launching in Q1 2023) making the best use of the available spectrum and providing 50% more capacity per beam.


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Inmarsat delivers world leading, innovative, advanced and exceptionally reliable global, mobile communications across the world – in the air, at sea and on land – that are enabling a new generation of commercial, government and mission-critical services. Inmarsat is powering the digitalisation of the maritime industry, making operations more efficient and safer than ever before. It is driving a new era of inflight passenger services for aviation, while ensuring that aircraft can fly with maximum efficiency and safety. Furthermore, Inmarsat is enabling the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and enabling the next wave of world-changing technologies that will underpin the connected society and help build a sustainable future. And now Inmarsat is developing the first-of-its-kind, multi-dimensional communications network of the future, ORCHESTRA.

In November 2021, Inmarsat and Viasat announced the planned combination of the two companies, to create a new leader in global communications. The deal is scheduled to close in the second half of 2022.

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Global Beam Telecom (GBT) is the Platinum partner of Inmarsat & Hytera headquartered in Dubai- UAE. The company is a provider of reliable, secure and state-of-the-art satellite communication solutions that connect customers anywhere, at any time and under all conditions. Their world-class products and service span the entire spectrum of reliable satellite communications, including fixed and mobile turnkey solutions to address the networking and communication needs of different sectors. The company is led and managed by a team of highly experienced global professionals with cutting-edge skills and expertise in the SATCOM industry. With their strategically located head office in Dubai, corporate offices across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and their partnership with the world’s leading network operators, they provide best-in-class remote and mobile connectivity solutions to clients across the MEA region.

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Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (SZSE: 002583) is a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions. With a global sales and service network consisting of more than 90 subsidiaries, Hytera products and solutions are serving a user base of over 15 million. Empowered by advanced voice, video, and data capabilities, Hytera provides faster, safer, and more versatile connectivity for business and mission-critical users around the world. It enables its customers to achieve more in both daily operations and emergency response to make the world more efficient and safer.

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Cobham Satcom is a global leader in satellite communications solutions for the maritime and land segments, providing business- and mission-critical connectivity to a broad range of service providers, enterprise, and government customers.

Cobham Satcom designs and manufactures high-performance satellite communications and critical communications products under the EXPLORER, SAILOR, Sea Tel, and TRACKER brands. We offer outstanding performance and value, with unrivalled support through our global sales and service network. 

Cobham Satcom is the market leader in tracking antennas for maritime, fixed, and mobile applications across GEO, LEO, and MEO systems. We are the trusted provider and partner for multiple NGSO constellation operators, who rely on our gateway antennas to ensure highly reliable, carrier grade backbone connectivity, as well as user terminals to enable innovative new commercial and government services around the globe.