MUNICH & PFORZHEIM, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the Intersolar Europe exhibition, established and new players in the energy sector exchange information about new developments and trends, experience innovations and exploit business potential. The focus of the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry is, among other things, the dual use of areas in agriculture, on bodies of water and in buildings. Intersolar Europe will be held at Messe München from May 11 to 13.

Photovoltaic (PV) production is booming in Germany and throughout Europe: almost 26 gigawatts (GW) of PV installations were connected to the grid in the EU in 2021 – a record growth of 34%. As in the previous year, Germany was the largest PV market in the EU with an addition of 5.3 GW. The European inter-trade organization, SolarPower Europe, expects installed solar power capacity to double to more than 326 GW by 2025.

At Intersolar Europe 2022, companies will present innovations and products developed for the world of new energies. Some examples include Agri-photovoltaics and Floating PV. The efficient dual use of areas for agriculture and solar power generation is developing dynamically: in 2020, plants for the generation of more than 14 GW had already been installed worldwide, according to the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE). Floating PV is now considered the third pillar of the global solar market. An estimated 400 plants with a total capacity of more than 3 GW are already in operation in over 40 countries. At Intersolar Europe 2022, these rapid developments will be prominent, with a large number of exhibitors presenting innovative products and solutions from the Agri-PV and Floating PV sectors.

Building-integrated PV (BIPV) is another key topic at Intersolar Europe 2022. With a view to the German market, this is where the greatest potential can be found for reducing the CO2 footprint of buildings, using space efficiently and strengthening sustainable development.

Intersolar Europe forms part of The smarter E Europe. From May 11 to 13, 2022, it will present cross-industry and cross-sector solutions for the energy transition and security of supply in Europe at Messe München. 1,450 exhibitors will showcase products, solutions and business models across 132,000 square meters in twelve exhibition halls.

Topics such as Agri-PV, Floating PV and BIPV will also be addressed at the Intersolar Europe Conference on May 10 and 11, 2022 at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM). Participants will learn all about the markets, technologies and financing of PV projects. One area under the spotlight will be large-scale PV power plants and systems, especially with regard to Agri-PV and floating PV. On May 10 at 6 p.m., innovators and experts will be honored with the Intersolar AWARD at the ICM (Hall 1).

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