Itron Collaborates with EQUANS to Create Smart Cities in Belgium

Sibelga in Brussels, Belgium to Use Itron’s Intelligent Street Lighting Solution to Meet Energy Savings Goals, Improve Safety

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BelgiumItron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI), which is innovating the way utilities and cities manage energy and water, announced today that it is collaborating with EQUANS to bring smart city capabilities to cities in Belgium. Sibelga, distribution network operator in Brussels, will deploy Itron’s intelligent street lighting solution as a service to meet their energy savings goals and improve citizen safety. Beyond the energy savings of the LED streetlight, smart street lighting offers a wide range of benefits, including improved network resiliency, enhanced safety and increased customer satisfaction.

In Brussels, Belgium, Sibelga will work together with EQUANS to deploy Itron’s streetlight network-as-a-service (NaaS). This includes the supply of luminaire controllers, design of the RF Mesh network and 10 years of communication management for each controller provided by Itron. Installation is expected to be complete by the end of 2021. As Sibelga is the only distribution network operator for electricity in the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region, the Itron solution will help make it possible to improve safety and cut electricity consumption in Brussels by 20% by 2035, which is the equivalent of 600 trips around the planet by car each year.

“With more than 3 million intelligent streetlights managed by Itron globally, we have extensive experience helping utilities and cities improve the performance of their street lighting and lay the foundation for additional smart city services,” said John Marcolini, senior vice president of Itron’s Networked Solutions. “By collaborating with EQUANS to bring intelligent street lighting capabilities to Sibelga, we are helping improve the quality of their lighting and reducing electricity consumption while laying the foundation for future capabilities.”

“In collaboration with Itron, we look forward to bringing smart streetlighting to Sibelga to help improve street lighting efficiency and enhance safety for residents,” said Nathalie Danis, communication officer for the BeLux communication department at EQUANS.

“Using Itron’s intelligent streetlight solution in collaboration with EQUANS, Sibelga looks forward to meeting our energy savings goals in Brussels,” said Serena Galeone, public relations officer at Sibelga. “By taking advantage of Itron’s NaaS offering, we will benefit from Itron’s team of experts to manage and maintain each luminaire controller provided so we can continue to focus on leading the way in intelligent management of energy resources.”

To learn more about Itron’s intelligent streetlight solution, visit this link.

EQUANS, ENGIE Solutions’ new name in Belgium.

Created in July 2021, EQUANS operates as a new separate entity within ENGIE worldwide. With 74,000 employees in 17 countries and an annual revenue of over €12 billion, EQUANS is a new global leader in multi-technical services with an international presence and a strong position in key European markets (France, Belgium and the UK in particular).

We design and provide customized solutions to improve our clients’ technical equipment and processes and to optimize their uses. EQUANS expertise and knowledge of our customers’ businesses enables us to support them in their energy, industrial and digital transitions.

EQUANS is structured along 6 fields of expertise: Electrical, HVAC, Cooling, Mechanical & Robotics, Digital & IT, Facility management.

In Belgium, EQUANS’ customers can count on the expertise of our 9,600 employees, spread over more than 56 locations. Every day they use their know-how to make cities more attractive, industries more efficient and greener and buildings more sustainable and comfortable.

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