Just Stop Oil wins first demand

London, July 10 2024, (Oilandgaspress) –– Four Just Stop Oil supporters have painted Parliament Square orange to celebrate winning Just Stop Oil’s original demand, that the UK Government commit to ending all new licences and consents for fossil fuel exploration and extraction.
At around 8:30 this morning, four supporters began pouring orange cornstarch-based children’s powder-paint across three intersections leading into Parliament Square. Cars proceeded to drive through the paint spreading it around the road that encircles the square.
One of those taking action this morning is Sheila Shatford, 69, an NHS nurse and grandmother from Bristol, who said:
“Just Stop Oil has won their demand for no new oil and gas, however this is not enough. Now we must demand internationally coordinated action to phase out fossil fuels. Labour must commit to cancelling all oil and gas licences granted by the Tories in their final arson spree before they left office.”
“To our new government: we have put our trust in you to keep us safe. It’s time to work with other countries to sign an international, legally binding treaty to end the extraction and burning of oil, gas and coal by 2030. Oil Kills. It’s time to protect our country and our communities. Sign the treaty!”
Today’s action comes in the wake of the new governments’ commitment to end new oil and gas licensing, in line with Just Stop Oil’s original demand, which was first issued to the UK government on 14th February 2022. During April and August 2022, Just Stop Oil supporters engaged in two rounds of disrupting the flow of oil out of key terminals around the country, causing many service stations to run out of petrol and diesel. By the 25th September 2022, the Financial Times reported Keir Starmer had pledged to end new oil and gas. This was reaffirmed on the 24th Oct 2022 when Just Stop Oil supporter, Fiona Atkinson, spoke to Keir Starmer on Nick Ferrari’s program on LBC, where the Labour leader re-stated his commitment to ending new oil and gas. Throughout 2022, mentions of ‘Just Stop Oil’ were up 400% and the campaign reached 92% name recognition nationally by November 2022.

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