Mobil 1 to Continue its Legacy for the 100th Running of the Legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Pikes Peak Live, presented by Mobil 1, will stream the historic race exclusively on YouTube

Mobil 1 has teamed up with drivers Jeff Zwart and Loni Unser to “Race to the Clouds”

Hoonigan, BBI, and Mobil 1 join forces to create Hoonipigasus, a 1,400 horsepower, twin-turbo Porsche engineered to set the record on America’s Mountain

SPRING, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On its quest to give back to driving fans with thrilling content, innovative products and incredible racing experiences, Mobil 1™, the world’s leading synthetic motor oil brand, is once again returning to the 100th Running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo – all for the love of driving! Mobil 1 enters the centennial race as the winningest motor oil brand to compete on the mountain, having racked up 84 wins since Louis Unser first took home glory in 1923 using conventional Mobiloil™ lubricants. Fast forward to 2022, Mobil 1 lubricant technology will protect the cars of two legacy drivers – Jeff Zwart and Loni Unser – as well as the much-anticipated “Hoonipigasus,” with icon Ken Block behind the wheel. Racing fans can get in on the action when they tune into Pikes Peak Live presented by Mobil 1, streamed exclusively on the Mobil 1 YouTube page.

Pikes Peak Live presented by Mobil 1: The Only Way To Stream the “Race to the Clouds”

As all eyes turn to the historic race on Sunday, June 26, 2022, Pikes Peak Live presented by Mobil 1 will provide fans a closer-than-ever-before view to the passenger’s seat of the world’s most adrenaline-inducing drivers’ cars as they take on the 14,115-foot mountain climb. For the third year in a row, Pikes Peak will be live streamed exclusively on the Mobil 1 YouTube page and feature new hosts live from the pits, new HD, surprise guests, cameras, and live timing. Fans can tune-in for free and will have a chance to win limited-edition giveaways throughout the livestream.

At the helm of the broadcast, Formula DRIFT commentator Jarod DeAnda will debut as the “Voice of the Mountain,” serving up gear-turning, play-by-play commentary. He will be joined by Tanner Foust, “Pikes Peak Live Technical Attaché,” to break down the automotive technological capabilities throughout the climb. Foust will offer his unique and veteran perspective to the event, as he previously took on America’s Mountain last year in a Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport. The broadcast will begin on Sunday, June 26 at 7:00 a.m. MT and conclude at 12:00 p.m., bearing weather conditions.

Where Family and Mountain Legacy Intersect: Mobil 1 Backs Loni Unser and Jeff Zwart

With a partnership dating back to 1997, legendary driver Jeff Zwart will once again trust Mobil 1 lubrication technology as he tackles his 17th running of Pikes Peak in a 2019 Porsche 935-19. In the convergency of legacy stories, Zwart will serve as the coach of the brand’s other sponsored driver, rookie Loni Unser, and the entire Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yokohama division of drivers.

As one of three women competitors to enter a field of 73, Loni Unser will make her debut at the event that is practically synonymous to her family’s last name. The Unser family also has a long-standing relationship with Mobil 1, dating back to 1934, when American auto racer, and Loni’s great uncle, Louis Unser claimed first place. Louis went on to become a nine-time champion using conventional Mobiloil™ lubricants.

Both Loni’s and Zwart’s vehicles will feature the same Mobil 1 products you can buy off-the-shelf, which help deliver the performance and protection needed at the extremes found at 14,115 feet of elevation. Liveries will be outfitted with the brand’s iconic Mobil Pegasus, which been flying with the world’s fastest cars up Pikes Peak since when Loni’s great uncle first won with a Mobil Pegasus on the hood – and the brand’s love of driving has only grown every year since.

The Hoonipigasus: The Newest Mythical Car

With a nod to the past, and a wink towards what lays past those checkered lines, the Hoonipigasus has a moniker that combines the spirit of motorsport legacy between three iconic marks: Hoonigan, Porsche and the Mobil 1 Pegasus. The 1,400 horsepower Pink Porsche, fed by two turbochargers and driven by legendary driver, Ken Block, was dreamed up to celebrate what’s possible when fun, performance and the love of driving are packed into a single vehicle.

“As a brand we’re constantly looking to take on challenges that push us out of our comfort zone,” said Ryan Allen, automotive brands and partnerships manager for North America at ExxonMobil. “By joining forces with Hoonigan this year to create the Hoonipigasus, we are seeking to honor the spirit of the engineers that took on Pikes Peak when it was open-wheeled cars risking it all for a chance at glory. We are beyond excited to see this incredible build on the mountain!”

Hoonipigasus will rely on Mobil 1 lubrication technology to fight its way up to the 14,115-foot summit, keeping the legacy alive and feeding the drive for all motorsport enthusiasts. The vibrant pink color scheme that once paid homage to the Porsche 917/20 ‘Pink Pig,’ and turned heads at Le Mans in 1971 will be making its coveted return once again in a new form.

About Mobil 1

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