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Eco Wave Power will work with AltaSea, a nonprofit that accelerates scientific collaboration and advances an emerging blue economy, to locate and submit grants to implement Eco Wave Power’s technology. Already taking action, both organizations participated in a grant submission led by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), which was chosen as a finalist in the Economic Development Administration (EDA) Build Back Better Regional Challenge Read More

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo announced the eight grant recipients of the Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) STEM Talent Challenge, a national competition that supports programs to train science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) talent to create a robust STEM-capable workforce across the country, and boost U.S. competitiveness on the global stage.

The annual $2 million “STEM Talent Challenge” provides up to $250,000 in funding for programs that put Americans across the country on paths to good-paying STEM jobs and careers. The grantees’ programs give industry sectors access to talent in their own communities to fill in-demand jobs, help drive innovation and strengthen regional economies across the nation. Read More

Eco Wave Power Global AB (publ) and Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. two publicly traded wave energy companies, announced today they are working to utilize their complementary technologies and skills to accelerate wave energy projects pursuant to an agreement previously signed. The companies will work together on several fronts, including knowledge sharing, joint grant submissions, and collaborative assistance in entry to new markets. In addition, joint solutions can be developed utilizing each company’s respective offshore and onshore technologies and leveraging OPT’s offshore engineering and newly acquired robotics capabilities in Eco Wave Power’s applicable projects. Read More

Eco Wave Power’s founder and CEO, Inna Braverman, has spent the last decade trying to put waves on the same scale as wind and solar. With two pilot projects in Gibraltar and Israel successfully generating power, she has turned her sights on the U.S.

“I think most states are really keen on promoting renewable energy, but you can’t only depend on solar or only wind,” Braverman said. “If you use all renewable energy sources, you really can get an 100% environmentally friendly world.” According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the annual wave energy potential of the country’s coasts is “estimated to be as much as 2.64 trillion kilowatt hours, or the equivalent of about 66% of U.S. electricity generation in 2020.” Read More

Solar Alliance Energy Inc. announced it has completed the acquisition of a 389-kilowatt (“kW”) project in New York State from Abundant Solar Power Inc. The project acquisition, first announced on June 23, 2021, represents the second project Solar Alliance will own and operate under a 25-year power purchase agreement. A total of 687-kW of solar projects are now owned by the Company and will contribute recurring revenue once they achieve commercial operations in Q2, 2022. Solar Alliance is targeting the New York solar market for additional growth opportunities in 2022. Including the two projects Solar Alliance now owns, the Company is targeting a total of 1.7 megawatts (“MW”) of projects under ownership and operation by the end of 2022, more than double current levels. Read More

Ferrari N.V. today announces its consolidated preliminary results(1) for the fourth quarter and twelve months ended December 31, 2021.

Total shipments of 11,155 units, up 22.3% versus FY 2020 and 10.1% versus FY 2019
Net revenues of Euro 4,271 million, up 23.4% versus prior year and up 13.4% versus FY 2019
EBITDA of Euro 1,531 million, up 34.0% versus prior year and up 20.6% versus FY 2019.
EBITDA margin of 35.9% in FY 2021.
EBIT of Euro 1,075 million, up 50.2% versus prior year and up 17.2% versus FY 2019.
EBIT margin of 25.2% in FY 2021.
Net profit of Euro 833 million and diluted EPS at Euro 4.50

Robust industrial free cash flow generation of Euro 642 million Read More


H2 Clipper, Inc. announces that it has been awarded U.S. Patent 11,236,864 on a new technology that solves the “last mile” problem of hydrogen distribution, while assuring hydrogen purity. The patent for the company’s Pipe-Within-A-Pipe™ technology covers the system, method, and apparatus for safely and efficiently transporting hydrogen up to 1,000 miles inside virtually any existing oil and gas pipeline, water pipe, sewer line, storm drain, or other pipelines. This breakthrough technology provides the safest, most cost-effective, most readily deployable, and scalable way to address end user delivery of fuel cell grade hydrogen. Read More

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