Morningstar’s solar charge controller gets International certification

Morningstar Corporation announced its signature SunSaver™ and higher-powered ProStar™ solar charge controller lines have achieved certifications for HazLoc use in North America (with UL/CSA ratings) and Internationally/Europe (with IECEx/ATEX ratings). Morningstar’s new wider range of solar chargers designed for HazLoc use enables the digital oilfield. They bring new opportunities for economical solar electricity solutions equipped with battery storage to power remote off-grid systems with improved safety and reliability.

Solar plus energy storage makes sense in oil and gas applications. Operations are often great distances from any electrical grid, yet require dependable sources of electricity for essential services including injection pumping, monitoring and control, data and communications, security, lighting, and other “digital oilfield” needs.

SunKeeper™ solar controller 

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