Morrow Teams Up with EoCell to Fast Track Its First Generation of Products to the Market


SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Morrow Batteries AS (Morrow) and EoCell, Inc. (EoCell) have entered into a Master Development Agreement to commercialize a best-in-class prismatic battery for the automotive industry. The collaboration is expected to deliver a market-leading battery that can be produced at scales sufficient to meet the high requirements of the world’s leading EV manufacturers.

The agreement leverages EoCell’s deep experience in material and battery technologies, and prismatic cell design, as well as its expertise in production line design and installation. The Agreement encompasses all phases of product development including material screening, battery design and development, testing and commercialization. The first generation of products are expected to be completed in time for the opening of the first production line in Morrow’s gigafactory.

Founded in 2020 and based in Arendal, southern Norway, Morrow is in the process of establishing its 43 GWh gigafactory, which utilizes renewable hydroelectric power from the region to manufacture batteries with the lowest possible CO2 footprint. The first module of the Gigafactory is expected to be operational at end of 2024.

To accelerate development and qualify its products for key market segments, Morrow is also building an industrialization center. Morrow Industrialization Center will bridge the gap between battery research and high volume manufacturing, supporting the company’s mission to develop cost-effective and sustainable batteries. Centered around the gigafactory, Morrow and partners are establishing the ‘Battery coast’, a sustainable eco-system built around the battery value chain in southern Norway.

What Morrow has been able to accomplish since their founding in 2020 is phenomenal. They have built an impressive team and have begun construction of their Pilot Lines and their 43 GWh factory all within such a short and efficient period of time. We believe they are poised to become one of Europe’s largest battery producers with a focus on sustainable production facilities powered with clean green energy. We are excited to partner with them to develop their first generation best-in-class battery for the EV market and look forward to collaborating on additional projects with them in the future. The Europe electrification movement is underway, and Morrow has a great strategy to fulfill this upcoming demand. We are excited to enter the European market and participate with Morrow’s and Norway’s Battery Coast initiatives,” said Michael Loh, Chief Executive Officer of EoCell.

EoCell is developing high performance engineered silicon graphite anode composite products for the most demanding applications and is one of a few companies worldwide that has been able to successfully produce Silicon Carbon Nanocomposite based materials and batteries. EoCell has capabilities to do material screening work for cell development, electrode formulation design, and any type of cell design necessary to produce a high-quality battery cell.

EoCell is a next generation battery technology company with a world-class team of battery experts. Their core teams have been key contributors from design to manufacturing of PHEV and EV batteries of prestigious brands such as BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, and Daimler. They are truly pioneers in the electrification movement, and we look forward to working with them to design and develop world-class prismatic battery cells to be produced in our factory,” said Rahul Fotedar, Chief Technology Officer of Morrow Batteries.

About EoCell, Inc.

Founded in 2015 and based in Silicon Valley’s San Jose, EoCell specializes in high-energy nano-silicon anode materials, innovative electrolyte technologies, and advanced graphite, silicon, and solid-state batteries. EoCell has developed an expert battery team from world-wide battery manufacturers with prior high-scale commercialization experience working with tier-1 automotive OEMs.

About Morrow Batteries

Morrow is building a highly cost-effective battery cell factory on the Battery Coast in the South of Norway with the aim to develop and industrialize new green and innovative battery technologies. Founded in 2020 by strong and committed owners, Morrow’s two leading investors are Agder Energi Venture, a wholly owned subsidiary of Agder Energi, and NOAH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gjelsten Holding. Through a strong network of top-tier industrial leaders developing and manufacturing components for batteries, Morrow intends to open their 43 GWh factory and begin mass production of their first-generation product portfolio in 2024.


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