Murata, Deutsche Telekom and Nowi Announce World’s Smallest Energy Harvesting NB-IoT Module with Deutsche Telekom’s integrated nuSIM

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Murata, a Japanese module expert, Deutsche Telekom, leader in telecommunications and Nowi, specialist in energy harvesting, have successfully introduced the world’s smallest energy harvesting NB-IoT module, featuring pioneering nuSIM technology. The three companies have worked closely together over the past few months to develop an innovative energy autonomous cellular IoT development solution. They have also jointly published an informative industry whitepaper on the subject during Mobile World Congress 2022.

The Autonomous NB-IoT Development Solution (ANDS) is the smallest on the market, combining three main components in order to fit into the most space-constrained applications. The ANDS brings together a Murata module for low-power wireless transmission with Deutsche Telekom’s integrated nuSIM to provide network connectivity and an advanced Nowi PMIC to power the solution with ambient light energy.

The main components of the ANDS are:

Murata’s 1YS NB-IoT module: Which reduces the global size of the solution by being one of the smallest modules currently available.

Deutsche Telekom’s nuSIM: Directly integrated into the Murata module, this saves valuable board real estate and creates a digital SIM process.

The Nowi NH2 energy harvesting PMIC: Which perpetually powers the solution, with its compact size of only 3x3mm and a reduced bill-of-materials (BOM).

The ANDS aims to encourage more widespread IoT proliferation by assisting customers to complete their development projects quicker – with the wireless communication, power management and SIM aspects already covered.

Read more via the companies’ whitepaper ‘Combining Technology Innovations to Make IoT Implementations Cost-Effective and Sustainable’, which can be downloaded at

The objective of the whitepaper is to provide readers with a better understanding of all the engineering and logistical challenges that are associated with large-scale IoT deployment and the ongoing operation of each of its constituent nodes, while presenting their joint project – the ANDS.


Melissa O’Leary