New, Cost-Efficient Commercial/Industrial Hot Water Heater Suited to NY’s Cold Winter Temps, Energy Requirements


ROCHESTER, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New York’s governor recently announced support for what would be the nation’s first statewide gas ban for new buildings. Already, cities such as New York City and Ithaca have enacted legislation regarding sustainable energy use in new construction and renovations. R.P. Fedder Industrial, LLC, of Rochester, N.Y., recently became the exclusive Western New York distributor of Aegis Heat Pumps by Lync, a Watts brand, because they are particularly suited to both the state’s sustainability initiatives and frigid winters. These heat pumps, unlike electric heat pumps developed to date, can operate efficiently with ambient temperatures of -4° and above.

“We are excited to offer this timely, energy-efficient water heater solution. Essentially, it’s hot water for the renewable energy world,” says Chris Fox, president of R.P. Fedder. The Aegis Heat Pumps are the first commercial carbon dioxide heat pump water heaters in North America. “By using a future-proof natural refrigerant, CO2, this system will enable our customers to meet increasingly stringent green standards.”

Available in air and water source models, Aegis heat pumps are powered by R744, commonly referred to as refrigerant grade CO2. This is non-toxic, non-flammable, has an Ozone Depletion Potential of zero, and a low Global Warming Potential of one. Other refrigerants, such as R134a and R410a, which are used by competitors’ products, have GWP of 1,430 and 2,088, respectively and are at risk of being phased out. By using CO2, Aegis makes it possible to use electric heat pumps in below-zero temperatures while providing a comparable total cost of ownership versus natural gas. Aegis produces hot water up to 185° with outdoor air temperatures as low as -4°F with Aegis A (air source) or source water temperatures as low as +14°F with Aegis W (water source) with no need for supplemental heat. This makes these heat pump water heaters highly efficient for optimal energy savings and lower operating costs in a variety of new and retrofit commercial facilities. As an electric heat pump, Aegis can derive energy from the same renewable source as other building systems.

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Cynthia L. McVey, APR,