New GECF Secretary General takes charge

His Excellency Eng. Mohamed Hamel from the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria has assumed office as the fourth Secretary General of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), the global platform of leading gas exporting countries. He was appointed to the helm of the 18-country energy organisation at the 23rd GECF Ministerial Meeting, presided by the Plurinational State of Bolivia on 16 November 2021 for a period of two years commencing 1 January 2022, in accordance with the GECF Statute.

An engineer by profession, HE Eng. Hamel is a familiar face in the energy sphere and brings a long and distinguished career to advance the GECF at a time when natural gas is emerging as a frontrunner to shape a stable, secure, and clean global energy landscape for the future.

GECF Secretary General

HE Eng. Hamel said: “Natural gas will continue to play a crucial role in the future in alleviating energy poverty, fuelling economic growth, and expanding prosperity, whilst at the same time contributing to the protection of the environment, both at the local level in terms of air quality improvement and at the global level in terms of climate change mitigation.”

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Submitted By: International Affairs and Public Relations Office, Gas Exporting Countries Forum