NEW Water Based Zinc Ion Battery for Stationary Energy Storage

A new battery to help the world meet sustainable energy goals by 2030
To meet IRENA’s ambitious target, the world needs 150 GW of battery storage. Now there are several means of renewable resources today. You’ve got solar, you’ve got wind and of course, you’ve got the regular Lithium Ion for stationary storage but then ask all those EV manufacturers, they’ll tell you how Li-ion batteries are proving to be expensive. Well!! It’s not just the moolah that makes it a costly affair, it’s also the fire risk, reports of electric vehicles and scooters catching fire is now a common affair. But then that’s all about to change. Canadian start-up Salient Energy has developed an amazing water-based zinc-ion battery that has a rated capacity of 60 Ah, a nominal voltage of 1.3 V, and a volumetric energy density of 100 Wh/L.