Go!Foton Transforms Fiber Connectivity Management With NEMO “Any Density” Fiber Patch Panel

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The future of optical networks is on full display at Booth 3714 of this year’s Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC), taking place from March 6 through March 10 at the San Diego Convention Center. Among the innovations being showcased by Go!Foton, a world leader in fiber management solutions for carriers and data centers, is the company’s Telcordia-certified NEMO (Network Enhanced Manageable Optics) family of patch panels https://www.gofoton.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/NEMO_FIBER_PATCH_PANEL_DATASHEET.pdf.

Designed for deployment in any conceivable optical connectivity use case, including inside plant, outside plant, and data center, NEMO sets a new industry standard for flexible high density fiber management.

Representing the latest adaptation in Go!Foton’s PEACOC® product family, NEMO is the ideal fiber management solution for today’s space-limited high-capacity and data-rate-intensive telecommunication and data communication networks. By integrating Go!Foton’s innovative spreadable adapter technology in a traditional bulkhead-style fiber panel, NEMO delivers a small footprint, low-cost solution that enables secure fiber management with superior access for any number or type of connection from high to medium to low density panels

“NEMO combines easy accessibility with true “any density” fiber management for green field or brown field deployments,” said CTO Dr. David Z. Chen. “NEMO prevents transient insertion loss while allowing large-hand technicians and operators unrestricted ability to manipulate connections — whether by sliding, shoving, digging in, or pushing around, without compromising fiber-cable management.”

Go!Foton VP of Connectivity Mike Zammit added, “We recognized that some of our data center customers were not yet ready to make the leap to full-fledged high-density panel solutions, yet they were still struggling to manage increased port capacity and density in their networks. We developed NEMO to fill this gap by integrating our innovated PEACOC spreadable adapter technology with a more conventional, and lower cost, bulkhead style panel. NEMO now provides a critical, yet more incremental step, to improving fiber management wherever more ports and higher density is ultimately desired.”

NEMO offers the industry a cost-effective solution to better manage the constant need for more ports through its unique ability to dynamically adjust panel density while providing spreadable adapters that enable superior craft access at any density. Built with GoFoton’s PEACOC spreadable adapter technology, NEMO is fiber management that works and positions network operators for the increasingly dense and complex fiber networks of tomorrow.

Go!Foton will be showcasing NEMO at Booth #3714 of the 2022 Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) taking place through March 10 at the San Diego Convention Center.

About Go!Foton: Go!Foton (www.GoFoton.com) brings innovation to the market with proven expertise in optics and photonics that solves real world problems for its customers with a scalable and customized approach. The company serves the data center and telecom markets with connectivity solutions including its Platform with Enhanced Access for Compact Optical Connectors (PEACOC®), a groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized the way network operators manage the increasingly complex world of optical connectivity. Go!Foton also supplies optical materials and components to the imaging, medical, and instrumentation industries. A global enterprise with sales offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, Go!Foton maintains R&D and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Japan, China, and the Philippines.


Jeff Stambovsky