Solar-Powered Classrooms in Remote Villages, Installed by Vision Solar Employees

BLACKWOOD, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The GivePower Foundation and Vision Solar became partners in 2021; through their partnership, a percentage from every Vision Solar installation is donated to GivePower to fund solar energy project solutions for developing regions of the world. GivePower Foundation organizes trek retreats for their partners to allow them to experience firsthand the impact of their donations. In May, YTD we donated over $223,000.

Vision Solar participated in their first GivePower trek in Shuluwou in Colombia’s indigenous capital, a remote village in northeast Colombia. Eight Vision Solar employees and two executives took part in the life-changing trek. Mike Eden (CRO), and Faraz Khan (CFO), were the two executives who attended the first trek to Colombia. Vision Solar installed solar energy solutions in village homes, schools, and community buildings. With these new clean energy solutions, education and livelihood can be advanced further.

“We were a team of 10 from Vision Solar who worked and lived with this community for 5 days. It has been a humbling experience to see this community thrive living in the harsh conditions of a desert. Yesterday night when they all saw power and light for the first time, it put smiles on the faces of the elderly, young, and kids. They now have access to TV, computers, and refrigeration for food security!” – Faraz Khan, CFO

“To be able to impact lives is something I have always strived to do. Vision Solar has donated and installed a solar system and batteries that will provide a community that has never seen power with electricity.” – Mike Eden, CRO

“Anyone can donate money to a charity but it was a feeling like nothing else to actually put in the physical labor necessary to create solar energy solutions in the village.” – Derek M. – Vision Solar Employee

Being in the solar industry it was very rewarding to see and experience the humanitarian applications of solar energy, and to give sustainable power to a community in need! – Macy G. – Vision Solar Employee

“When the light went on, it was just very exciting to see that it’s just gonna really change their lives.” – Joey P., District Sales Manager, Vision Solar

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