Carbon capture and utilisation collaboration in Perth, Western Australia

Woodside and US-based technology developers ReCarbon and LanzaTech have launched a collaborative studies program aimed at converting carbon emissions into useful products. Together, Woodside, ReCarbon and LanzaTech are investigating the viability of a proposed Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) pilot facility in Perth, Western Australia.

The proposed pilot facility would recycle greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane into value-added ethanol using ReCarbon and Lanzatech’s technologies. The ReCarbon technology would convert carbon dioxide and methane into synthesis gas, with the LanzaTech technology fermenting the synthesis gas into ethanol. Traditionally, ethanol manufacture relies on land and water use for source crops, such as corn. CCU reduces the reliance on these natural resources. Woodside believes CCU is an emerging field with growing demand from existing and potential customers seeking alternative solutions for lower carbon.
This collaboration and proposed pilot demonstrate Woodside’s commitment to developing new energy products and lower-carbon services.

The project is now in the front-end engineering design phase.

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