Olea Edge Analytics Names Quinn Jackson-Elliott Vice President of Government Relations

  • Former city water official to focus on partnerships with utilities for revenue recovery and operational efficiency
  • Well-rounded leader with experience in government, consulting, client services and utility management
  • Played a key role in Olea’s partnership with Atlanta’s Department of Watershed Management

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Olea Edge Analytics, an intelligent edge computing platform for the water utility industry, today announced that Quinn Jackson-Elliott has been named to the company’s executive team as Vice President of Government Relations. Since joining the company in March 2020, Jackson-Elliott has played an important role in forging partnerships with cities and utilities across the country.

In her new position, Jackson-Elliott will build Olea Edge Analytics’ government relations function with a focus on revenue recovery, asset management and operational efficiency to achieve results. She will help water utilities solve problems by integrating technology as a key component of utility management.

“Quinn is a world-class talent with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs,” said Olea Edge Analytics CEO Dave Mackie. “Her experience in government, consulting, client services, and utility management makes her the ideal leader for us as we look to better serve and support the water utility industry.”

Jackson-Elliott’s career spans over twenty years. She served the citizens of the City of Atlanta for fourteen years, rising to Deputy Commissioner of the city’s Department of Watershed Management. She is a member of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP), American Water Works Association (AWWA), The Smart Meter Networks Forum (The SWAN Forum) and Global Water Works (GWW). As Senior Director of Business Development at Olea Edge Analytics, Jackson-Elliott worked to meet client needs and help resolve any challenges the utility faced.

Her deep experience in government operations and procurement proved essential as Olea Edge Analytics partnered with Atlanta on a $3.9 million deal in February.

“Municipal governments are facing a lot of challenges in the water sector right now: infrastructure, resource constraints and water scarcity, just to name a few,” Jackson-Elliott said. “I’m looking forward to creating partnerships to help utilities innovate while making sure all of their citizens have access to safe and affordable drinking water.”

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