Oshkosh partners with ALLETE Clean Energy

At Oshkosh Corporation, our focus on environmental impact drives us to build stronger communities and make a difference around the world by helping to create a sustainable future. We are excited to partner with ALLETE Clean Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of ALLETE, Inc. in a renewable energy sale agreement to develop a wind energy site that is currently under construction in Caddo County in Oklahoma. This 303-megawatt site will double ALLETE Clean Energy’s capability to provide clean energy that is high in demand from corporations today.

This is the first virtual power purchase agreement Oshkosh has made and the first offsite purchase of renewable energy. It supports our strategic sustainability and environmental goals to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from the project will offset a significant portion of the emissions resulting from the electricity utilized by our US manufacturing operations which come from non-renewable sources. Our goal is to have a 25% reduction in normalized greenhouse gas emissions throughout our facilities by 2024 compared to what we tracked in 2014. This project will make a significant impact on our ability to achieve that goal.

“At Oshkosh Corporation, we are committed to sustainable operations, caring for our communities and practicing strong corporate governance” said Kevin Tubbs, Oshkosh Vice President and Chief Ethics, Compliance and Sustainability officer. “Involvement in projects such as the Caddo wind site is one of many ways that we continue to further our sustainability goals.”

When the 110 Caddo turbines are complete, they will be able to produce enough energy to power the equivalent of approximately 110,000 homes. “ALLETE’s strategy of sustainability in action is powered by clean energy projects such as Caddo,” said ALLETE President and Chief Executive Officer Bethany Owen. “ALLETE Clean Energy is increasingly seen as a trusted partner as it brings more renewable energy online to help corporations meet their commitments to sustainability.”

The Caddo turbine wind site is expected to be in full operation by the end of 2021. We are excited about the future of sustainable renewable energy and our partnership with ALLETE Clean Energy to help build a more sustainable future.

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