Peter Vanacker to resign from Neste

Neste Corporation’s President and CEO Peter Vanacker has given notice of his resignation from the company. He will leave his position at Neste at the latest in June 2022. The search for Vanacker’s successor starts immediately.

“I warmly thank Peter for his great work in accelerating Neste’s transformation into a global leader in renewable and circular solutions driven by high climate ambitions. During these past three years, Neste has been able to renew and execute its growth strategy, become a global company and further expand into new market areas. At the same time, the company’s financial results have been solid and Neste has achieved its long-term financial goals and generated value for both its shareholders and other stakeholders”, says Matti Kähkönen, Chair of Neste’s Board of Directors.

“Three years as Neste’s President and CEO has been a time of growth and transformation. I am extremely grateful for having had this opportunity to lead this company with the excellent Executive Committee team and with the support of Neste’s Board of Directors. Together we have expanded the markets for renewable products and developed new growth areas for the company, and set ourselves high sustainability ambitions. I would like to thank the members of the Board, the members of the Executive Committee and Neste’s personnel for successful cooperation. The journey we shared has been exceptional. Neste is a strong company with great culture and I know that Neste’s committed personnel will drive the strategy execution forward with determination”, says Peter Vanacker.

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