Power Edison Partnership to Develop the Nation’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Site in Metropolitan New York Area

WATCHUNG, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BatteryStoragePower Edison, the leading developer and provider of utility-scale mobile energy storage solutions, is partnering with sustainability champion Hugo Neu Realty Management of New Jersey — and other stakeholders — to deploy the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in the United States. This signature project — to be comprised of more than 200 high-power fast chargers — will be sited at Kearny Point Industrial Park, 10 minutes from the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, and 10 minutes from New York City. It is anticipated that this EV charging hub, serving the high-traffic Tri-State region, will power thousands of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles daily — in addition to charging electric marine vessels. As world leaders meet at COP26, the message is clear that we are significantly behind on climate change action. This innovative partnership is accelerating meaningful community-centric solutions that will improve livability for frontline communities — while reducing harmful GHG emissions.

“Power Edison is engaged with leading organizations such as Hugo Neu to make EV charging accessible and ubiquitous,” said Shihab Kuran, Ph.D., CEO of Power Edison. “Power Edison leverages its innovative solutions, including mobile truck and barge battery systems, to develop fast charging hubs expeditiously. Our utility-scale mobile power solutions allow us to develop charging sites without having to wait for the typical lengthy power utility infrastructure upgrade process. We welcome fleet owners, charging network operators, vehicle manufacturers and other EV stakeholders to contact us for more information and to reserve capacity.”

“In working with Power Edison to develop this strategically located EV charging hub, we’re bringing about an evolution in the sustainable use of land in this 130-Acre industrial campus,” noted property owner Wendy Neu, CEO of Hugo Neu Realty Management. “The transportation sector remains the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in New Jersey, accounting for over 40% of emissions along with other harmful pollutants. For decades, Kearny and the surrounding areas have been overexposed to these pollutants. By deploying hundreds of EV chargers at Kearny Point, we will significantly reduce GHGs to help mitigate climate change and improve air quality for disproportionately burdened environmental justice communities in the area. Our innovative partnership with Power Edison is comprehensive in its approach to transforming this key location (located between the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers, off Route 9) into model beacons of clean, renewable energy / transportation, while growing local economies.”

“Delivering more than 200 megawatts (200MW) and 4800 megawatt-hours (4800MWh) of daily capacity, Power Edison’s new hub is an exciting and impactful EV super charging site,” noted Pamela Frank, CEO of ChargeEVC-NJ, a business association comprised of diverse interests that advocates for electrification of transportation (chargevc.org). “We’re thrilled that Power Edison and Hugo Neu have joined forces with other key players in the electric vehicle charging arena in bringing this electrification-of-transportation project to fruition in New Jersey.”

“Our engineered power solutions will initially offer over 250kW of power per charger and scale up to over 1MW per charger as vehicle technology evolves. This enables industry-leading fast charging for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles alike. Inherent in our design is flexibility, modularity and ability to integrate renewables, batteries and other technologies for added sustainability and resiliency,” said Yazan Harasis, Director of Projects at Power Edison.

Power Edison is led by industry veterans with experience in power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and smart grid. Power Edison is expanding its team and hiring to further support its growth.

With the significant need for EV charging solutions, Power Edison launched a new subsidiary called EV Edison (www.ev-edison.com) dedicated to the development of high-power fast charging hubs.

About Power Edison

Power Edison is a leading developer and provider of clean energy solutions. The company’s proprietary technology offerings include patent-pending hardware and software for land and marine based Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. Power Edison development portfolio includes energy storage, solar energy, EV charging, fuel cells and hydrogen. Power Edison has a development and sales pipeline of over 1GWh of battery storage projects.


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